PHP Developer (Web&Mobile Team) at eMAG (Bucharest, Romania)

PHP Developer (Web&Mobile Team) at eMAG (Bucharest, Romania)

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Location: Bucharest, Romania
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-08-10 05:00:04

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Due to the high request of gems forged in the tombs of EyOrS, a town of Arryn region, classical usage of cargos became overwhelmed and crippled, roads becoming full of thieves, traps and dragons.

The terrifying idea of losing the gems made that region knights and wizards unite and plan to build a new transport cargo, protected against many magical threats. All the neighborhood regions (eMAG Website, eMAG IOS, eMAG Android, etc.) were thrilled about the idea of receiving the precious gems in a more safe and controlled manner.

Mixing the base properties of Symfony, Jenkins, HeidiSQL, Swagger, Grafana, Mongo, Logstash etc. with the Microservices architecture known by the region elders, forgers intrigued by the adventure and curiosity of knowledge, fulfilled building the new transport plan. Not all the gems are compatible yet, without the risk of broking them. Really strict about the safety and quality of the gems, the forgers asked the help of the town's GateKeeper Liviu, assuring gem packing and content quality using CodeCeption and PHPUnit testing which prevents unwanted changes of gems.

Our final desire (Claudia, Iulian, Mihai, Alex, Stefan) is to complete the plan built by the knights and wizards of the region, to efficiently transport all type of gems.

If you are a fearless forger, curious and intrigued to step in a world of magic, we invite you to our team.


  • Develop high-performance, reliable and maintainable code whether implementing architectural improvements;
  • Design, implement and support multiple applications across various platforms;
  • Stay in-tune with the latest technologies; proactively identify areas for improvement and propose viable solutions;
  • Collaborate with other technical team members to design, implement, quickly troubleshoot and resolve any critical issues.


  • + 5 years of experience in PHP environment;
  • Experience with OOP (Uses namespaces, Encapsulation principle, Abstraction principle, Inheritance principle, Polymorphism principle, Traits);
  • Design patterns (Dependency Injection, Factory, Builder, Observer, Facade). Solution architecture (Scalability, Service-oriented, App configuration (param ranges, no of rounds, skill chances);
  • PHPUnit;
  • Experience with PHP DI;
  • MySQL;
  • NoSQL (Mongo, Couchbase);
  • Understanding AMQP (RabbitMQ);
  • Multitasking in PHP (Gearman);
  • Git/Stash;
  • Experience with REST APIs and documentation tools (Swagger, for example);
  • Monitoring tools (for performance: NewRelic, for logging and errors: NewRelic, Kibana);
  • Experience with payment projects (PayU payments);
  • Experience with Varnish (Varnish Configuration Language in special);
  • Flexible, communicative, a real team player;
  • Able to work on several simultaneous projects and to adapt to a fast-evolving environment.

Will be a plus:

  • PHP -unit/unit-testing;
  • E xperience with DDD (Domain Driven Design) projects;
  • codeception;
  • A gile scrum.
  • AWS Cloud


Grow Faster. Grow Higher.

We’re always looking for the ones truly passionate about their work. If you are amongst them, you can rest assured there is a place for you in eMAG. We grew very fast and we are determined to keep doing so. What brought us here is our desire of continuous evolution and practical results.

Over 5200 people are working now in eMAG. We strongly believe in people development and therefore every year we invest more and more energy and resources to remain an organization that is constantly learning. We want to make sure that you’ll have the most talented colleagues, as well as the proper environment to grow and achieve great results, to become what you desire on a personal and professional level.