Junior Frontend Developer needed to save the planet at The Sustainables BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (allows remote)

Junior Frontend Developer needed to save the planet at The Sustainables BV (Amsterdam, Netherlands) (allows remote)

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-08-18 05:00:28

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Unfortunately we only consider applicants from the following countries: The Netherlands, Spain, South Africa, Philippines

We are looking for a frontend developer to join our company building software that helps make the world a better place. We help our customers transform their homes toward lower energy consumption, helping the planet one home at a time. And we see it as our mission to make it easier for customers to do the right thing, so if the idea of transpiling Typescript into lower kWh appeals to you, this could be a perfect fit.

We are looking for...

  • Working knowledge of Javascript with at least 2 years experience
  • Knowledge of or interest in learning TypeScript
  • Experience with modern frontend framework like React, Angular, or Vue (we use Vue)
  • Working knowledge of Azure or another cloud provider like AWS or GCP
  • Bonus: Experience working with backend APIs in a language like Java or C#

We offer full remote work based in The Netherlands (recognized sponsor for High Skilled Migrant), Philippines, Spain, and South Africa

What we offer

  • A competitive salary
  • A training budget
  • Remote work (before it was cool)
  • Working from abroad
  • An environment to learn and grow, while making the world a better place

A day in the life...

You finish off the daily standup call with your team, where you let your team know you will be working from a beach house next week, and quickly grab a coffee from your kitchen before sitting down to check your inbox.

Next up is going through the story for this morning's Three Amigo refinement where you are representing the development perspective. You read through the story and make some notes about the requirements. You have an hour before the meeting so you pick up a small story about updating the component library with some of the latest functionality and are able to submit a Pull Request just before heading off to the refinement.

After the refinement meeting and your lunch break, you decide to go for a run before you join the Frontend Guild for the bi-weekly update. There you show off and discuss some of the improvements made to the frontend testing standards. Afterwards you check the your PR of this morning and merge the changes. You pick off a story from the top of the board and start work on it.

After a couple of hours, you realise that it is already after 5 pm. It's a Friday so you drop into the drinks channel to chat with a few colleagues before heading off to enjoy your weekend.