Senior Data Engineer at Supermetrics Oy (Helsinki, Finland)

Senior Data Engineer at Supermetrics Oy (Helsinki, Finland)

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Location: Helsinki, Finland
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-09-01 05:00:07

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In case we haven’t met before, here’s Supermetrics in a nutshell:

  • We’re a diverse bunch of people with shared values. Above all else, we’re kind, humble, open, and dedicated to building things our customers love.
  • We build marketing data connectors that help over half a million people get data. Literally.
  • Our more well-known customers include L’Oreal, Disney, the BBC, Dyson, and WarnerBros (but we also serve thousands of agencies and smaller companies).
  • Supermetrics was officially founded in 2013 as a result of our CEO Mikael’s will to win a Google t-shirt (which he did!). We’ve been profitable and growing ever since.
  • If you want to learn more, check out this link.

Why will you become an integral part of our team?

We're looking for a Senior Data Engineer to join our internal data team in our Helsinki HQ. You’ll work with many different departments (such as sales, support, customer success, design) and be a part of a team that builds end-to-end data solutions. Your responsibilities will include everything related to bringing data into our data platform using our own product as well as other tools where needed.

In this role, you will be responsible for developing the whole data engineering tool stack and implementing tools that are needed for the successful deployment and maintenance of data pipelines. As the first pure data engineer in this team, you will have a responsibility to serve our internal BI team with the data it needs to provide solutions for end-users. You will also play a key role in our DataOps, as you will be working with the team to create a data platform that enables efficient usage of data throughout the company.

Things that your typical workday includes:

  • Developing and maintaining data pipelines that feed data to our data platform
  • Orchestrating our data workflows
  • Monitoring our data platform and communicating on issues
  • Working with the whole BI team to define data requirements for current and upcoming tasks
  • Developing our practices on how we operate our data assets

What kind of skills you need in this role

  • Senior-level experience with data engineering, ability to create needed processes from scratch
  • +5 years hands-on experience with data engineering-related tasks, like building pipelines, setting up monitoring and orchestration of the pipelines, and deploying needed resources on cloud platforms
  • Proficiency with Python
  • Experience in working with modern cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, or Microsoft Azure
  • Analytical mindset and a desire to grow your skills on a wide range
  • Excellent communication skills in English

Prior work experience in a Saas Business or marketing analytics environment is a plus, as well as experience with tools like dbt and Airflow, and we’ll be jumping for joy if you have some hands-on experience in infrastructure as code tools like Terraform. If you happen to have experience in PHP, that is also considered as an advantage, but definitely not a requirement.

What’s in it for you?

  • At Supermetrics, you have the chance to grow your skills and career in one of the fastest-growing tech companies in Finland, with a solid track record of doubling our revenue YoY.
  • As a Data Engineer, you’ll get to work with multiple teams and business functions using advanced and modern tools. For example, our current data platform utilizes tools and technologies like Google BigQuery, dbt, and Looker. You will have a big influence on how the tech stack in your role will look like.
  • You will have a key role in enabling strategic decision-making based on data, optimizing and automating important business processes, and bringing in your best practices around data engineering.
  • You’ll take part in scaling our internal analytics environment - we encourage you to constantly learn and grow, accomplish amazing things and make a difference.

The reason people love to work at Supermetrics is all of us working towards the same goal with our own individual strengths. We’re determined to achieve our vision of being the best business data pipeline company in the world. At Supermetrics, we have a warm atmosphere and very talented people to learn from. We take our work seriously but place a lot of value on having fun together as well. We recognize our team as our greatest asset and take good care of our people.

Sounds like your kind of a place and challenge? Great! We can't wait to learn more about you.

Please send us your application as soon as possible, as we will start interviewing right away and will fill the position as soon as we find the right person.