Software-Engineer (AI-excited or interested in Android/IOS) who seek to work at the cutting edge of AI (m/f/d) at Airaes GmbH (Nürtingen, Germany)

Software-Engineer (AI-excited or interested in Android/IOS) who seek to work at the cutting edge of AI (m/f/d) at Airaes GmbH (Nürtingen, Germany)

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Location: Nürtingen, Germany
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-09-03 05:00:38

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Software-Engineer (AI-excited or interested in Android/IOS) who seek to work at the cutting edge of AI (m/f/d)

near Stuttgart, Germany


The name of our StartUp AIRAES stands for Artificial Intelligence, Robotics And Education Support

The hard- and software company AIRAES is particularly committed to offering people products and services that are useful to them and help them to prosper. For this purpose, AIRAES develops artificial intelligent hard- and software-systems.

We want to realize high-quality applications that can be used in industry, medicine, agriculture, in various areas of education, training and further education.

We see the key to solving the current and future challenges for humanity in the evolvement of each individual.

Technology can never replace this evolvement, but it can support it, especially if our technologies are ethically sound, sustainable and in harmony with our "over" living space.

As a start-up, we are on the way to realizing our vision step by step. We are happy about every comrade-in-arms and expedition participant on our journey.

AIRAESs major activities Development of

  • artificial intelligence itself, represented as software, i.e. artificial intelligence algorithms, deep neural nets and so forth and creating, collecting, and processing training data to support their development
  • all kind of software components to support that artificial intelligence
  • software products which use the developed artificial intelligence components
  • hardware components (also small robots) to support our software products (in future)
AIRAES-EAR, the Expedition-Project to which we would like to invite you

AIRAES-EAR the accurate ear for an artificial intelligence With AIRAES-EAR we attend the AI-Innovation-Competition (KI-Innovationswettbewerb) of the German federal Land Baden-Württemberg this year and we are now supported by:

AIRAES-EAR will be base AI technology. It will be developed with a new kind of deep neural net architecture. With AIRAES-EAR we work at the cutting edge in the field of artificial intelligenceAIRAES-EAR will master very difficult sound recognition tasks in fields where sound patterns contain valuable information such as: Music Information Retrieval (MIR), Ecology, Biology, Agriculture, Manufacturing Industry and furthermore. AIRAES-EAR will enable other AI systems to interpret sound in an unpreceded recognition quality.

How does our expedition team work?

In our agile interdisciplinary team of peers working in the field of machine learning (artificial intelligence) having a wide-ranging background in Mathematics, Computer Science, Software Programming, Physics, Philosophy, Music, giving piano classes, Education Science we .

  • thrive and prosper while working in a cooperative environment
  • are pushing an ambitious technological vision
  • are intrigued by puzzles and like challenges,
  • like to drill persistently through thick planks
  • do our daily routine as it fits best for us,
  • like to help our team colleagues and keep team spirit up,
  • come and go at our convenience,
  • feel free to work where we want, i.e., remote, in the office, in the park
  • value life-work-balance
  • help to bring AIRAES-EAR to life and enjoy how AIRAES-EAR develops step by step
  • use our combined skills to make AIRAES-EAR happen
Tasks related to the Job:

AI related:

  • design in the team concepts, algorithms and neural net architectures for treating audio and image data
  • implement AI-software-components and/or neural nets with Java, C++ and/or Python (using Tensorflow) under Windows, Ubuntu and/or Android/IOS
  • create test data for the training of neural nets
  • train and optimize neural nets

UI related:

  • design in the team concepts for graphical user interfaces for Android/IOS
  • you implement software including tests with Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C and/or C++ integrating Tensorflow models

Backend/Base-Software-Libraries related:

  • design in the team concepts for OS independent libraries and/or web/REST-Services
  • you implement software including unit tests in Java, Objective-C, C++ and/or Python (using Tensorflow) which shouldnt depend on a specific OS
Team skill collection

Software development related:

  • agile software development (e.g., Scrum)
  • Java-SE, Java-JEE, Python, C++, Objective-C, Kotlin, Swift, Grovy Scala (ideally at least 3 of those programming languages)
  • Test driven development / practiced in writing unit tests
  • Tensorflow, PyTorch or another Framework used for Machine Learning
  • Maven and/or Gradle
  • Android, IOS, Ubuntu or another Linux distribution, Windows (ideally at least 2 of those operating systems)
  • App-Development under Android and/or IOS
  • familiar with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and/or Data Science Algorithms


  • Knowledge in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, Physics, other natural sciences
  • curious about the foundation of intelligence, cognition and creativity

This know-how would be beneficial

  • Understanding of Robotics, Electronic, Acoustics

Soft skills:

  • insatiable curiosity in general
  • persistent, being able to endure dry spells
  • philosophical inclination
  • ability to think highly abstract
  • solution oriented
  • understanding of cybernetic and systemic context
  • empathy and the wish for a well, constructive and developing cooperation
  • tolerance related to failures and willingness to draw attention to those
  • benevolence towards colleges
Qualification/Graduation for the Job:

A Graduation in Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering or comparable and with any level of experience in Software-Engineering is beneficial but no must.

You find yourself comfortable in our team if you have rich experience in the field of Software-Engineering, App-Development, and or designing, implementing and training AI-Algorithms/Deep Neural Nets

Salary and Share Options:

Depending on your level of experience and your need we pay a salary in the range of 40k-90k EUR. We intend also to offer the opportunity to get shares or share options (We are currently in the process changing the company into a stock corporation)

AIRAES GmbH Galgenbergstraße 9 72662 Nürtingen

Telefon: +49 7022 9604432 E-Mail: [email protected]