Senior Software Engineer (3 Teams- PHP backend, Typescript and Frontend Team) at Virtasant Inc () (allows remote)

Senior Software Engineer (3 Teams- PHP backend, Typescript and Frontend Team) at Virtasant Inc () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-09-14 05:00:04

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Virtasant is a leading cloud consulting services provider. We heavily focus on lift & shift, cloud-native development, cloud cost optimization, migration, etc.

As a consulting company, we are often faced with the challenge of creating an engineering team in a short period of time. To effectively do this, we have created a secondary support business that provides staff augmentation services to Virtsant and other external companies.

One of our clients is a US-based FinTech company with a globally distributed team of software experts who provide an all-in-one platform with embedded payments solutions. They have several openings in different departments – details below.

The company is an established software product business and has been around for more than six years. They closely follow agile practices and have a very mature engineering team.

It’s a full-time, long-term (1 year +), and completely remote opportunity. They are looking for at least 6 hours of overlap with the EST timezone.


Role #1

One of the teams is working on the SDK and hosted checkout solution. They are looking for a backend engineer with PHP, JS, HTML/CSS and some Angular 2+ experience.

Role #2

The second team is working on the core functionality of the payment platform. This role would include building integrations with payment processors. That team requires strong PHP experience, classic AWS (RDS, EC2, Load Balancers) and some previous experience working with payment processors. Node/TypeScript experience would be beneficial.

Role #3

The third team is focused on building various support microservices. That team mostly develops cloud-native AWS solutions, hence the required experience is Serverless Framework, Lambda, DynamoDB, API Gateway, S3 with TypeScript/Node. Infrastructure as a code experience (Cloud Formation or CDK) would be beneficial.

This role requires 6+ hours of overlap with EST. Also, due to certain compliance obligations, we are only able to accept candidates from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Puerto Rico.

Given your experience, you can be a candidate for one or multiple teams.

As for the interview process:

  • Recruiter Interview
  • One hour interview w/ Virtasant SME
  • One hour introduction interview w/ Hiring manager + one-hour technical interview


Out budget for this role is between 60,000 - 85,000 USD per year.

Fully covered Cloud Certifications