Front end developer at Bloomreach () (allows remote)

Front end developer at Bloomreach () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-09-18 05:01:16

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Bloomreach is the leader in commerce experience™. Our flagship product, brX, is the only digital experience platform that utilizes the full spectrum of commerce data, from product to customer, alongside content management capabilities, and AI-driven search, merchandising, and personalization in one flexible, API-first platform. We serve over 700 global brands including Albertsons, Staples, Bosch, Puma, FC Bayern München, and Marks & Spencer, and power $200 billion in digital commerce experiences annually.

Our mission for our team is to make careers at Bloomreach the most impactful professional experience of people’s lives. Bloomreach is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. At Bloomreach we have created a safe space and actively encourage Bloomreachers to bring their whole selves to work, embracing what makes each person in our company unique.

For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter @Bloomreach_tm, or on LinkedIn at

Do you love frontend development and are you good at it? Would you like to build a large-scale & fast evolving app using Angular & TypeScript? Would you like to talk about why we might be the best team for you to join right now?? Curious? Read on!(Your salary start from 2700€ per month with stock options and other benefits included. Working in one of our Central Europe offices or from home on a full-time basis.)

What tech stack do we have for you?

  • Typescript and Javascript
  • Angular
  • NodeJS
  • RxJS
  • Karma/Jasmine/Cypress
  • GIT

About your role and the team:

We are a team of eight people at the moment. We cooperate tightly as a single unit on a multitude of tasks and challenges in order to make our application the best to serve our customers’ needs. Since not all of us enjoy tasks with a focus on styling, a subteam of stylers has been formed that takes care of our UI library of low-level components.

We are facing a variety of tasks on our daily basis that fall mostly into three categories - designing and developing new features, maintaining existing features in the underlying codebase and sometimes prototyping new features as POCs.

What we expect of the candidate:

Must have

  • advanced TypeScript (or JavaScript with a strong will to switch to TypeScript)
  • advanced Angular (or similar component-based framework with a strong will to switch to Angular)
  • experience with software design & architecture (be able to propose and implement an effective & efficient solution based on problem definition without detailed instructions)
  • The ability to work in project teams effectively, being reliable and communicating clearly.
  • A “can-do” attitude

Should have

  • experience with developing bigger projects
  • At least an intermediate skill with scss/less/css (be able to get things done in reasonable quality if your styler colleagues are busy)

Preferably have

  • experience with testing (Karma, Jasmine, Cypress)
  • experience with RxJS

Nice have

  • experience with mentoring less experienced colleagues

How we work:

Our entire engineering team works in 6 week cycles, consisting of a specification week, 4 development weeks and a cooldown week. Each developer is assigned to one or more projects during this cycle and aims to deliver the project together with other project team members from various other teams. In addition to working on projects, we also focus on other tasks - not limited to working on our backlog, providing an L3 support to our client facing colleagues or making improvements to our product through an initiative called “Happy consultants”.In order to keep our high quality standards, each change in code we do gets reviewed and our automated pipeline builds these changes, runs a series of tests, runs the linter, packages the outputs and deploys them onto a development environment.We are a team of diverse skill sets - you will need to share your experience and knowledge (during code reviews and ideally also beyond) with other colleagues and help them grow just like we all will help and support you from the minute you join us.


Here are some of the challenges that kept us busy in the past:

  • Micro frontend research
    • Our application is split up into modules but we are experimenting with the idea of loosening up the coupling even a bit more and splitting our large application into a collection of smaller ones run under a single container application.
    • Identify the pros and cons of this approach and what problems will it solve effectively and what other problems it might bring.
    • Take into account how this switch potentially affects not the architecture alone but also the execution, deployment and DX.
  • Optimizing build performance
    • The larger an application gets, the more complex the build becomes. Our application consists of hundreds of components, directives, services, pipes and other functions.
    • Find a way to optimise the build in order to make the DX and the pipeline build performance better.
  • Optimizing change detection
    • Our application aims to deliver a swift interaction experience to its users without the feeling that something is lagging.
    • Identify components that are underperforming.
    • Analyze their bottlenecks using the profiler.
    • Optimize the runtime performance of the problematic code parts.
  • Data visualisation
    • Our real-time analyses like trends, funnels, reports, and segmentations allow users to gain insights about their data from multiple perspectives. We integrate with external data sources spanning multiple relational databases and big data storage systems.
    • Build an interface for users to query data from data sources located outside of Exponea to build the basis for our analyses and visualizations.
    • Create complex data visualizations using the Highcharts library or similar suitable tool.
    • Be proactive in proposing solutions which will help users to better understand their data.
    • Improve test quality and extend test coverage.
  • Extend UI library
    • We have created a mature UI library with the goal in mind to unify the look, behavior, and the API of our reusable components. This library already consists of a solid foundation of components but the innovation in Exponea goes hand in hand with the need to create new components and enhance existing ones.
    • Create new reusable components while focusing on clear API, stability, best possible UX and modern browser support.
    • Test your component well. Use unit tests to cover all thinkable and unthinkable scenarios your component may go through to make it robust.
  • Other than that…
    • We work hard to have sustainable code, but we still have some code in our codebase, especially from the early startup era, that was written in haste to keep the business running - you will need to be able to get around in complex code and help us refactor it.
    • Automated testing of our code is important to us. You will need to cover your code, help us improve existing test quality and extend overall test coverage - spanning from unit tests, through integration tests to automated e2e tests.

We recognize gold recipients of The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE).

Regional benefits:

  • Monthly lunch entitlement by up to 110€ per month
  • Pension scheme or Health insurance to be launched in July depending on region

More things you'll like about Bloomreach:


  • A great deal of freedom and trust. At Bloomreach we don’t clock in and out, and we have neither corporate rules nor long approval processes. This freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. We are interested in results from day one.
  • We have defined our 5 values and the 10 underlying key behaviors that we strongly believe in. We can only succeed if everyone lives these behaviors day to day. We've embedded them in our processes like recruitment, onboarding, feedback, personal development, performance review and internal communication.
  • We believe in flexible working hours to accommodate your working style.
  • We organize company events (summits) twice a year to experience the global spirit of the company and get excited about what's ahead.
  • We have a friendly atmosphere and motivated colleagues who love what they do.
  • The Bloomreach Glassdoor page elaborates on our stellar 4.55/5 rating.

Personal Development:

  • We have a People Development Program -- participating in weekly personal development workshops on various topics run by experts from inside the company. We are continuously developing & updating competency maps for select functions.
  • Our managers are strongly encouraged to participate in the Leader Development Program to develop in the areas we consider essential for any leader. The program includes regular comprehensive feedback, consultations with a coach and follow-up check-ins.
  • Bloomreachers utilize the $1,500 professional education budget on an annual basis to purchase education products (books, courses, certifications, etc.)
  • Our resident communication coach Ivo Veea is available to help navigate work-related communications & decision-making challenges.


  • The Employee Assistance Program -- with counselors -- is available for non-work-related challenges.
  • We organize ‘DisConnect’ days where Bloomreachers globally enjoy one additional day off each quarter, allowing us to unwind together and focus on activities away from the screen with our loved ones.
  • We facilitate sports, yoga, and meditation opportunities for each other.


  • Stock options are granted depending on a team member’s role, seniority, and location.
  • Everyone gets to participate in the company's success through the company performance bonus.
  • We offer an employee referral bonus of up to $3,000 paid out immediately after the new hire starts.
  • We celebrate work anniversaries -- Bloomversaries!

If this position doesn't suit you, but you know someone who might be a great fit, share it - we will be very grateful!