Senior Backend Engineer (PHP) at Insider (Berlin, Germany)

Senior Backend Engineer (PHP) at Insider (Berlin, Germany)

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Location: Berlin, Germany
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-09-21 05:00:03

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Now we are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer who will help our Web Development Team create and implement a wide variety of web-based products using Go, Node JS, or PHP and wants to take their career one step further. If you think you are one of those people, here you will have the chance to work with the world's leading brands with Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning technologies. Right now, while you are reading this, we are sending an average of 2.2 billion requests and almost 2 billion instant notifications to more than 450 servers a day. On the Artificial Intelligence and Predictive side, we have more than 100 TB of historical data. We do not wait for jobs or opportunities to come to our feet, we create them. We have now reached 25% of global users. If all these interests you, read on for more! Our Engineers and Software Developers always think with an innovative perspective, taking advantage of the inexhaustible power of the digital world. They create impressive and intelligent products like a true artist. Our Product and Development teams are located in our Istanbul office, so we produce and develop the technology we export to the world in our own country. As Insider, we believe in cooperation and adapting the innovations brought by technology by acting fast. We work closely with other Departments with agile teams, and we are not afraid of getting our hands dirty. As we said; we do not wait for jobs or opportunities to come to our feet, we create them ourselves. You can check our Tech Stacks here!

A Senior Backend Engineer in Insider day in and day out:

  • develops programs, applications, and websites using GO, NODE JS or PHP,
  • improves performance, scalability, and availability of our systems,
  • develops cutting-edge web applications with a user-centric approach,
  • troubleshoots any issues as they arise, foresee and address potential problems proactively,
  • collaborates with co-developers and other related departments to ensure maximum efficiency and arrive at world-class results,
  • sends regular updates about project status to related stakeholders,
  • evaluates and takes on tasks based on resolution priority and the greater company vision/goals.

We want you to join us while we are taking a step into the future if you:

  • have a Bachelor's Degree from Computer Engineering or related departments,
  • have 2+ years of software development experience,
  • have got a good grasp of MYSQL, Elasticsearch, and/or NoSQL technologies,
  • have hands-on experience working with Laravel,
  • know either one of Go, Node JS, or PHP (Laravel or Symfony) and you’re passionate to learn them all,
  • are familiar with software code tools such as SVN, CVS, Git, etc.,
  • have hands-on experience with HTML5, CSS3, Web Framework, jQuery and JavaScript,
  • know your way around Vue.js,
  • have experience driving technical projects, prioritizing work, identifying dependencies, facilitating technical decision and cross-functional team discussions,
  • are fluent in Turkish (is a plus)

While exporting our technology to the world, we offer you:

  • “Tech Talks” with famous and groundbreaking people from the software world, “Dev Talks” where our Software Developers talk about their career steps, and many events where groundbreaking ideas are discussed,
  • Hackathons we organize inside that push the boundaries, programming challenges, and coding competitions,
  • Free access to exclusive services such as Laracast, Egghead, Udemy, Blinkist, Masterclass, and Spotify,
  • Great energy, caring team