Engineering Manager at Siteimprove (København, Denmark)

Engineering Manager at Siteimprove (København, Denmark)

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Location: København, Denmark
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-09-22 05:00:43

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Imagine if all the Internet was accessible to all people (incl. people with disabilities), searches always returned exactly what you were looking for, pages loaded quickly, web sites can be trusted to be secure, and the quality of the content was just... amazing? Our teams are building the tools that help companies around the world achieve just that.

And one of those teams needs a captain.

The opportunity

As an engineering manager at Siteimprove, you will manage a cross-disciplinary team of developers and quality engineers. You will be working closely together with UX designers, product owners, product directors and our many other teams in Product Development.

Together with your team, you will have total ownership of the development of new features-, operations and support of your product(s), while at the same time working closely with the Product Management team in fleshing out requirements and building roadmaps.

Our shared platform defines the overall boundaries of how our products and services integrate, but it is up to you to guide your team in engineering solutions that excel in quality and scale as we continue to grow rapidly.

At Siteimprove we take pride in our ability to hire amazing people. We believe in servant leadership, and although your technical skills and experience allow you to dive deep in architecture discussions, it is important for us to emphasize that keeping a focus on your team’s efficiency and making sure that your employees are motivated, inspired and well-functioning, is the number one priority.

Finally, you will be part of a team of highly motivated Engineering Manager colleagues, that you will be meeting with several times a week.

At Siteimprove we believe in putting Siteimprove first. We set goals collectively, and we do the heavy lifting together.

As engineering managers, we frequently pair on management work, and we share challenges and learnings in the group weekly.We take care that we continue to nourish an engineering culture that we want to "live in", and we strive to maximize transparency, empowerment and accountability in everything we do.


  • Manage the daily work of a team of developers and quality engineers using agile methodologies (either SCRUM or Kanban)

  • Meet and collaborate with other engineering managers on projects that stretch beyond your own team

  • Work closely with Product Management (Product Owners, UX designers, Product Directors) in building- and following up on planned work

  • Hire and manage amazing people. You will be facilitating frequent 1-on-1's, goal setting meetings, career check-in's and help build motivating development plans

  • Help build and maintain an amazing Engineering culture where we can continue to attract the best talent

What we require of you

  • We're a big company and we use many technologies

  • The biggest ones are C#/.NET, Docker, Typescript, React, SQL (Oracle, Postgres), Kubernetes and AWS. We expect you to have worked a little with most of them.

  • Experience with customer-facing product development - You have experience with managing teams

  • Ability to collaborate with many other teams

  • Interpersonal skills to manage a team of engineers

Life at Siteimprove

Our Product Development Department is organized as cross-functional product teams with a high degree of autonomy, and a few platform teams which ties it all together.

We are proud of our engineering culture and community spirit. We host weekly internal tech talks, public meetups for various user groups and have recently started our own YouTube tech talk channel where we will be curating talks by both internal and external speakers. Furthermore, we have an engineering forum where everyone can chime in on architectural decisions, submit proposals for changes or new things and solicit or provide feedback. We want to be fully transparent about our engineering and encourage everyone to help in moving us forward.

How you apply

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to submit your CV and cover letter. If you have any questions regarding the job, feel free to contact Mogens Abel-Bache at [email protected].Siteimprove is a global corporation and has developed data practices designed to assure your personally identifiable information is appropriately protected. Please note that personal information may be transferred, accessed and stored globally as necessary for the uses and disclosures stated in accordance with our Privacy Policy at