Software Integration AI Engineer at Intel Corporation (George Town, Malaysia)

Software Integration AI Engineer at Intel Corporation (George Town, Malaysia)

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Location: George Town, Malaysia
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-10-02 05:00:49

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Your primary responsibility is to understand, prepare design and contribute toward AI (Artificial Intelligence) / ML (Machine Learning) initiatives for Windows and Linux BSP to meet organizational Platform Integration requirements by following standard Integration Methodologies. Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to: - Prepare software design to implement AI / ML logic for BSP Integration methodologies. - Implement suggested AI / ML logic to improve existing BSP Integration methodologies, and provide incremental updates to keep improvising AI / ML logic for Integration. - Strong coding ability both in producing clean and efficient code as well as debugging and understanding large code bases. - Initiate regular code reviews with technical manager and act on review comments to ensure good quality code base. - Keen to learn new Technologies and concepts and ability to learn at a rapid pace, a quick learner. - Strong interpersonal, leadership, project management and analytical skills - Maintains healthy AI / ML branch at all times during its enablement of various projects. - Knowledge about Platform BSP enablement using various Linux distro and Yocto to support regular BSP Integration activities. - Knowledge to maintains healthy integration branch at all times during Platform feature enablement. - Works with respective team to setup continuous integration process for platform and automated build of platform Yocto BSP. - Works with respective team to prepare Integration hardware setup to execute integration test suit after each automated Yocto build. - Monitor automated builds and attached test suite to take corrective actions in case of failures using implemented AI / ML logic. - Software development using C, RUST, shell script and python scripts.

QualificationsYou must possess a BS/MS/PhD in Software Engineering, Computer Engineering or Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Other qualifications include: - Ability to work well in a diverse team environment and with others in cross-site organizations. - Knowledge of packages such as NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, TensorFlow, Keras. - Knowledge of Machine Learning models such as kNN, CNN, LSTM, Linear Regression, Gradient Descent, RNN, Decision Tree. - Good work experience in Linux BSP. - Good understanding on Artificial Intelligent and Machine Learning subjects and its practical implementation strategies. - Strong Programming Skills in C, RUST, shell script and python script. - Good understanding of Windows and/or Linux BSP development methodologies and debug techniques. - Strong debugging skills. Must be capable of troubleshooting Linux BSP related issues in Linux system. - Working knowledge in the software engineering development lifecycle process. - Knowledge of Intel, ARC, ARM architecture and PC/Embedded systems.

Inside this Business Group

Employees of the Internet of Things Solutions Group (IOTG) have an exciting opportunity before them: To grow Intel's leadership position in the rapidly evolving IoT market by delivering the best silicon, software and services that meet a wide range of customer requirements - from Intel® Xeon® to Intel® Quark®. The group, a fresh, dynamic collaboration between Intel's Intelligent Solutions Group and Wind River Systems, utilizes assets from across all of Intel in such areas as industrial automation, retail, automobiles and aerospace. The IOTG team is dedicated to helping Intel drive the next major growth inflection through productivity and new business models that are emerging as a result of IoT.