Frontend Developer at (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Frontend Developer at (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-10-05 05:00:39

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A tech job that'll make (grand)ma beam with pride!

Help us build the future of healthcare.Personalized, data-driven healthcare for everyone. That’s our goal. How? By developing an AI-driven app that quickly and accurately spots potential health issues and grants people access to expert medical advice. And yes, those people might include your mom and/or grandma, so if you were struggling to defend (or even explain!) your career choice to them, rejoice! Fortunately (for you), building a medical-savvy app is a huge coding effort with invigorating front-end challenges. Sound appealing? Make healthcare simpler, faster and more personalized - for everyone.

Your operating theater.As Frontend Developer, you join an autonomous Scrum team that codes its gluteus maximus off to redefine how we perceive healthcare. That requires a lot of soul-searching (what features do GPs think they need - what do they really, really need?) and consulting with medical experts. You also liaise with the Brainy Brigade – the data scientists who conceptualize and develop advanced algorithms that can tell Alien Hand Syndrome from a simple case of COD-induced soreness.

As Frontend Developer you.+ Help shape a healthcare app that will become the go-to medical platform for general practitioners and consumers the world over.+ Build, develop and scale the frontend of next-gen, AI-driven features+ Team up with product and design teams to accomplish a shared goal: GP and patient journeys that feel as comfortable as your favorite Wookiee wool cardigan.+ Safeguard usability, maintainability, performance, scalability and security+ Work on unique, often disruptive features (see ↓) that revolutionize healthcare.+ Make (grand)ma proud ;-)

As Frontend Developer, you join the autonomous Scrum team that zooms in on the MyHealth features of the app. E.g., features that help users identify (potential) health issues at the ‘if it’s still bugging me in a few weeks I might see a doctor’ stage. In other words: way quicker than they normally would. An interesting role because a lot of what we build is based on artificial intelligence and deep learning. If you can’t stand the sight of data scientists in the morning, best learn to code with your eyes closed. As for the projects themselves, examples include a feature that lets the app analyze and interpret X-rays and even smartphone shots (!). It does this by leveraging computer vision in combination with an NLP-based symptoms checker that categorizes user answers. A decision tree on steroids! Given the impact on people’s lives (think: medical decisions, think: privacy concerns), it’s imperative that your code excels in usability, speed, maintainability, security, and scalability. Our QA Engineers will be the first of many to thank you!

We’ve got you covered.Working at Quin means working with energetic individuals that are passionate and mission driven. We collaborate on tough problems and you’ll find us working together in our open office spaces, gathered in the cafeteria grabbing a snack, or taking a break in our game or ping pong room. We offer a comprehensive benefits package with competitive salaries (up to 85k), unlimited snacks and drinks, great coffee, parking spots, tuition reimbursement programs, 25 paid holidays and much more.

How you make us better.By injecting the team with a healthy dose of Frontend vitamins. No matter the apps and platforms you worked on in the past, if you bring your coding A-game, we have exciting projects lined up for you. To maximize your impact, you need to be as pioneering as Mary Shelley. In a good way, of course. Don’t even think about unleashing Frankencode on us! In other words: a pioneering mindset is welcome, but always keep your eyes firmly on the goal: a personalized customer and GP journey that ends in best-in-class medical advice.

What the doctor definitely prescribes.+ Roughly 5 years of ‘hardcore’ frontend development experience.+ We award bonus points for full-stack knowledge.+ You consider Javascript and its offspring (React, React Native, Typescript, et al.) part of your extended family. And yes, that warm fuzzy feeling should be mutual.+ You aren’t exactly monogamous (when it comes to tooling, that is!) and happily invite new techniques into your bed.+ You’re that guy/gal at the party who just can’t stop discussing design, frameworks and architectures.+ You want your work to have impact.

How we raise your temperature.We hope the opportunity to reinvent healthcare with us gets your adrenaline pumping. That’s what makes your colleagues tick. Speaking of which, you’ll work with top professionals in the medical, AI and tech domains. People who love to bounce ideas off of each other. Learning from peers is a given. The environment is what you expect from an ambitious scale-up: fluid, uplifting and fun. Challenge a colleague to a game of ping pong. Grab a quick snack (or a healthy meal) in our cafeteria. Participate in bootcamps. Et cetera. And yes, we also pay you: up to 85k per year.

Get in touch with our engineers.Hit the apply button to set up a digital meeting or email us via [email protected] If you would like some more information first, call or WhatsApp Eva via 06 - 18 23 35 99.