Lead DevOps Engineer at Offworld Industries Ltd () (allows remote)

Lead DevOps Engineer at Offworld Industries Ltd () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-10-27 05:00:58

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About the role:

As a manager, you should guide the team towards the project goals without causing fatigue or frustration as well as give counsel to those that seek it. You should be laser focused on providing the team with the tools and information for them to do their job to the best of their ability. You will also have the ability to contribute to the project wherever necessary and contribute to the overall development.

As an advisor, you should be a proactive member in both the planning, design and development process and have the ability to detect when a change in strategy is needed. You should converse with all of the projects in order to assess and provide solutions required.

As a mentor, you should be able to recognize teaching opportunities for other team members when they arise, and be willing to guide team members to successful outcomes, both inside and outside of devops. Providing accurate and constructive feedback during peer reviews is key to this.

As a role model, you should hold yourself to a high standard and be comfortable setting a good example for the other members of the team. The communication should be clear and precise and respectful to the individual and their expertise. The code that you write should be clean, performant, easy to maintain, future-proof and well architected code. When writing code you should be able to adhere to clear coding standards as second nature, and be able to contribute to the improvement of those standards. In general when building systems you should be inventive and finding ways to push the envelope with our technical solutions.

Job Duties:

  • Lead a team of programmers towards the goals of a project
  • Identify where to focus team resources in order to achieve the goal of the project
  • Provide technical advice and solutions to other areas of the development team
  • Interview for new team members for both cultural and technical alignment
  • Advising, designing, prototyping, implementing and refining of game systems
  • Adapting to unfamiliar areas of code or concepts when investigating a problem
  • Be a positive motivator for the rest of the programming team to create a healthy work environment
  • Maintain core services used by the development team such as Perforce, TeamCity, GitLab, and our build agents
  • Improve our internal monitoring with new dashboards, metrics, and improved logging solutions
  • Coach the development teams on DevOps practices and help them improve their build pipelines where possible

Skills Requirements:

  • Minimum of 6 years full time experience working as a software engineer; preferably within the games industry
  • Minimum 2 years full time experience working as a lead, preferably within the games industry
  • Excellent understanding and experience using modern software engineering practices such as peer reviews, scrum, CI/CD and testing
  • Experience with game engines, preferably Unreal Engine
  • Experience managing systems on bare metal, cloud, or mixed environment as a sysadmin
  • Windows and Linux environment experience
  • Proficient in a programming or scripting language (e.g Bash, Batch, Powershell, Python, Go, C#)
  • Good understanding of Hyper-V, KVM, ESXi and/or other virtualization products
  • Experience with configuration management tools (e.g Saltstack, Chef, Puppet, Ansible)
  • Experience with infrastructure as code tools (e.g. Terraform)
  • Experience with Perforce

This is a full-time permanent position, where the successful candidate will be working from home for now, with a long term view to relocate to Vancouver Canada.

This role offers:

  • Competitive salary
  • Health and dental benefits
  • Wellness spending account
  • 3 weeks paid vacation and 2 weeks paid studio shutdown over the December holiday period
  • Annual employee anniversary gifts
  • Wonderful colleagues!

If you meet the above qualifications, and OWI sounds like the kind of company you want to be a part of, please apply now with a cover letter and a copy of your resume.

Offworld Industries is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, ancestry, place of origin, color, ethnic origin, language, citizenship, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, physical and/or mental handicap, financial ability or any other characteristic protected by law.