Software Developer (Frontend/Backend/Full Stack) at Siteimprove (København, Denmark)

Software Developer (Frontend/Backend/Full Stack) at Siteimprove (København, Denmark)

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Location: København, Denmark
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-10-30 05:00:55

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We're looking for several software developers, frontend to backend, junior to senior.

Tech stack (You don't have to know it all!)


  • TypeScript, React, C# (.NET Core)


  • C# (.NET Core), Go, TypeScript
  • Oracle, Postgresql


  • AWS, On-Prem
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • Jenkins, Github Actions

We collaborate, we learn, we challenge each other, we have fun, we deliver. We are proud of our engineering culture and community spirit. We're in the middle of Copenhagen and we are from all over the world.

But there's more!

The opportunity

Imagine if all the Internet was accessible to all people (incl. people with disabilities), searches always returned exactly what you were looking for, pages loaded quickly, web sites can be trusted to be secure, and the quality of the content was just... amazing? We're building the tools that help companies around the world achieve just that.

We care about the Internet and want as many people as possible to have a successful experience with it. To achieve that the Siteimprove suite offers services in 3 categories:

  • Experience - what is the experience of your web site for your users?
  • Growth - how can you attract more visitors?
  • Protection - does your web site comply to modern security and privacy standards?

When you join one of our product teams you will be involved in developing and maintaining a product in one of those categories. The Internet is continuously evolving, and we are committed to providing best-of-class tools that will help our customers navigate that evolution. Working at Siteimprove means getting to go deep on some super interesting technologies while working on improving the Internet for everyone.

Why is now an exciting time to join?

We have been on a continuous growth journey for many years and are now ready for the next major leg of that journey. We're not afraid to think big, and with happy customers all over Europe and the US we believe we have the track record to show we can go all the way. Commercial success requires a strong engineering department, so joining now also means the opportunity to be part of shaping our engineering department to take on that challenge.

Who we’re looking for

At Siteimprove we don't care if you identify yourself as Software Engineer, Software Developer or Codemonkey - if you are passionate about code, this is the place to be!

We strive to have people with different specialties on the teams, and it's difficult to predict exactly what will help us, so don't be afraid to write us if you have a specialty, you feel would bring value to our team but isn't necessarily mentioned here. Also, we have good experience with new colleagues quickly getting up to speed with the tech we use, so don't worry if you can't check all the boxes.

What you will be doing

You will be collaborating closely with the rest of your team, which includes all roles involved in bringing our products to our customers (e.g. UX, QA, PO and engineers). As a developer we expect you to take responsibility for our engineering work along with the others on the team. You can be driving technical refinements and code reviews, continuously planning improvements of our code stack and tooling, mentoring more junior engineers and so on. You are also encouraged to participate in cross-team collaborations helping us moving forward as a department.

Product teams own both the front-end which our users interact with and the back-end systems producing the data presented to our users, so experience in both front-end and back-end systems is a plus although not a necessity. Our department is a mix of full-stack developers and engineers specializing in either front-end or back-end, and we make sure the skill sets in each team complement each other well. On a product team you will spend most of your time working on either new or existing user-facing features, so we also expect you to care about users and the problems we want to solve for them.

Life at Siteimprove

Our Product Department is organized as cross-functional product teams with a high degree of autonomy, and a few platform teams which ties it all together.

We are proud of our engineering culture and community spirit. We host weekly internal tech talks, public meetups for various user groups and have recently started our own YouTube tech talk channel where we will be curating talks by both internal and external speakers. Furthermore, we have an engineering forum where everyone can chime in on architectural decisions, submit proposals for changes or new things and solicit or provide feedback. We want to be fully transparent about our engineering and encourage everyone to help in moving us forward.

At Siteimprove you will be able to grow your technical career as far as you like. You will be surrounded by technologists with many different interests and backgrounds. We will support you in both learning new skills, growing your responsibilities, and coaching your fellow engineers. Personal excellence and collaboration are the cornerstones of how we work.

What we hope you’ll love about Siteimprove

  • Great and Inspiring Company Culture. Read more about the Siteimprovers and our inclusive, people-centric culture in this section here:
  • Events and Travel.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Siteimprove is a global thought leader within the field of digital inclusion and we proudly give back to the community locally as well as globally.
  • Tech talks & meetups. We regularly host meetups and organize weekly tech talks for all employees to join.
  • Outstanding Office Location. We are located in the heart of Copenhagen in a beautiful building sometimes referred to as “the Palace” by our employees
  • Leadership development. We prioritize your personal as well as professional development.

What you may already know about Siteimprove

Siteimprove is a Danish-founded multinational company with +600 employees worldwide. In addition to our headquarters in Copenhagen, we have offices in 18 other locations worldwide and our more than 7,000 customers are spread across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.

How you apply

Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button to submit your CV and cover letter. If you have any questions regarding the job, feel free to contact Alexander Lazarov at [email protected]

Siteimprove is a global corporation and has developed data practices designed to assure your personally identifiable information is appropriately protected. Please note that personal information may be transferred, accessed and stored globally as necessary for the uses and disclosures stated in accordance with our Privacy Policy at