Frontend Developer - Design accessible, user centred services for all! at UK Home Office (Croydon, UK)

Frontend Developer - Design accessible, user centred services for all! at UK Home Office (Croydon, UK)

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Location: Croydon, UK
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-11-11 05:00:33

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Frontend development is a growing role within government, and it’s a vital one, as the work is focused on the parts of government that citizens interact with most often. The services we work on in the public sector are essential. Users have no alternative but to use services such as ‘Apply Online for a Passport

Our services are essential for people so they can get on with their lives. Some of these systems are used by millions of people, which presents many interesting challenges! Because it’s what users interact with, the frontend has to be accessible, well-designed, intuitive for the user, and it has to perform well!

At Home Office we're passionate about building software that solves problems and improves lives. Areas of the work which you may need to get involved with (from a software engineering perspective) include

  • a new data-focused product delivery team, providing scalable data providers for a variety of new business services
  • delivery of internally facing systems such as the Home Office Correspondence System (HOCS) which manages queries and responses across the whole organisation
  • new public-facing services hosted on the domain
  • new policing systems to support both national users and international collaborators

Now about the role.........

Frontend development in government is an interesting place to be!We have to make sure our services are user centred and that means translating user stories and proposing design approaches to meet user needs. Those service must work for everyone, so accessibility is a big consideration.You could be working with design teams and contributing to design systems like Home Office, and other common component sets. You’ll also have the opportunity to drive teamwork for design and delivery of frontend features to meet user needs.

Your key areas of impact

  • develop user interfaces and contribute to web application creation efforts for our Operating System using modern web technologies
  • craft responsive experiences using JavaScript, HTML/CSS that emphasize usability and best practices
  • use standards and specifications to design, create, test and document new software or make changes to existing software
  • translate user stories and propose design approaches or services to meet user needs
  • create accessible user interfaces, testing components and pages against accessibility standards.
  • solve problems to improve performance using different sources of data to monitor and identify performance issues
  • integrate and test user interfaces, systems and programme components

About you

We really are about investing in people, if you have the coding skills and have experience of a product focussed agile, multi-disciplinary environment then we would be very pleased to hear from you.

You’ll be joining a growing software engineering community and you’ll be confident developing applications, passionate about making a difference and want to be involved throughout the product lifecycle, from idea generation, design, and prototyping to execution, and shipping whilst having experience with:

  • one or more frontend Frameworks (eg. React, Angular, Vue.js)
  • HTML and CSS, including CSS pre-processors building responsive websites
  • NodeJS as a server for web applications
  • JavaScript and/or TypeScript
  • unit testing and TDD, and automated frontend (unit/component) testing
  • calling APIs
  • package managers (npm, yarn)

****We have open vacancies across Croydon, Sheffield & Manchester****