(Senior) Frontend Engineer | Angular or React | Barcelona at Dynatrace (Barcelona, Spain)

(Senior) Frontend Engineer | Angular or React | Barcelona at Dynatrace (Barcelona, Spain)

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Location: Barcelona, Spain
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-11-24 05:00:31

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Angular | React | Data Visualization | Distributed Systems | Open Source | Observability | APM

Do you love web development and innovation?

Do you want the features you develop to be used by thousands of the biggest companies around the world?

Do you feel comfortable both creating beautiful front-end UX components and developing efficient algorithms on the back-end side?

Do you want to work in a high-scale SaaS product (+1300 AWS instances, +2.1Gbps incoming traffic)?

What are we looking for?

We are looking for outstanding senior frontend developers who don’t stick too much to a single library/framework but rather have a broad and deep understanding of any reactive JavaScript framework, JavaScript in general, HTML, CSS/SCSS and web development in general.

If you feel equally comfortable working with React, Angular, Vue or some other reactive FE framework as you are with vanilla JS and Web Components, and you don’t mind writing some back-end code from time to time, we want you in our team.

Your role

  • You will join as a Full-stack Engineer primarily focused on Front-end in Angular and React. You will be from creating or changing visualization components, application logic, and integration with existing endpoints, along with all testing needed.

  • You will have sporadic contributions to back-end efforts supporting back-end engineers in times of need.

  • Beyond using your serious technical superpowers in front-end development, as a senior software engineer, you will be coaching non-senior mates to help them improve their skills. Additionally, you will be contributing or suggesting new initiatives to help your team, your guild or the lab improve our way of working. You are as well a reliable partner for team captain, product owner, and lead product engineers to provide clarity to the team in key areas of the solution being developed.

  • Working in Dynatrace is highly collaborative. As such, you will be working with architects, lead product engineers, other engineers, UX designers while building up the product.

We expect

  • Outstanding Front-end professional development experience.

  • Deep understanding of any reactive Js framework, HTML, JS and CSS, as well as experience creating PWAs and SPAs.

  • Awesome software engineering practices: all kinds of testing, PR reviews, pair programming, SOLID principles…

  • Sensibility and appreciation for appealing, performant and responsive visual designs.

  • Experience with Component Driven Development.

  • Fluent communication in English.

Nice to have

  • Solid expertise in React or Angular.

  • Deep understanding of Typescript and RxJS or similar reactive libraries.

  • Experience with NodeJS and/or Java.

  • Professional experience developing SaaS products.