Senior Angular Software Engineer at Zivver B.V. (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Senior Angular Software Engineer at Zivver B.V. (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-12-03 05:00:34

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Job description

So, you want to have an impact and shape the direction of our web applications, instead of working on the same old bug fixes? Of course you do. At Zivver, we make sure you can.

We’re currently looking for a new Senior Angular Software Engineer skilled in developing new applications and features using Angular/Typescript, while helping other engineers grow at the same time (that’s where your seniority comes in). You’ll be working closely with designers, product managers, and other engineers to build new features and migrate our existing AngularJS web application to our Angular-based mono repo.

At Zivver, we're building the future of secure communications. Our platform (a SaaS application that is served to our users as an Angular web application, Chrome extension and several other frontends) helps hundreds of thousands of users secure their sensitive digital communications and we're growing globally.

Our guiding philosophy is that secure communication requires excellent usability. As an engineer, that's where you'll be making your most significant impact. According to your new colleague, Joshua, you’ll get a great amount of freedom and autonomy within your role: “You decide which direction we’re heading. So you’re not only coding, but you contribute to the whole software development life cycle.”

Hot takes

  • You prefer building over tweaking

  • Write tests now, avoid bugs later

  • As a TypScript believer you can’t believe why people would ever go back to plain Javascript

  • Unreported bugs give you nightmares

A day at ZivverThe office, your house or a coffee place: where and when will you start and end your day? It’s your call, as long as you attend any required meetings and keep your team up-to-date on what you're doing (and with current COVID-restrictions in place, almost everyone works from home). Today, you're finishing up a story which enables a notification when a message has been sent successfully in our new Angular web app. You just need to complete some unit tests, and create a merge request soon. Don’t forget to ping the frontend-guild channel to have someone review your work; it could be picked up by one of your teammates Harris, Mat or Sebastian.

At 9:45 an automated Slack message asks you to give a quick daily update of what you're working on today. You have until noon to give that update and you leave two lines regarding the story you're finishing and what you're picking up next. You spend some time reviewing Harris merge requests, and leave some supportive comments and a few suggestions for improvements.

After lunch, you attend a weekly refinement meeting with the team, including the product manager Matt. You've added some technical details to a few stories the team is planning to pick up soon. The team needs a little more detail on a couple of edge cases that were missed, but you all decide that you have enough information to estimate the story and pick it up in the next sprint. Having finished the refinement, you decide to pick up one of the open tasks in the current sprint, which is focused on making a key mail flow live in the new web app. There's one final meeting left, a quick design review on upcoming features. The designs look amazing, but you have some feedback on technical feasibility and effort. You all agree to scope down the first version a little, and add more detail later. Let’s call it a day!



  • Write, review and maintain web application code, primarily in Angular

  • Understand the importance of planning and are able to take the lead and prepare work for technical implementation.

  • Be able to coach and grow less experienced engineers and share your knowledge in a constructive way

  • Participate in the whole lifecycle of features, from design to implementation and maintenance.


  • You're comfortable communicating in English both verbally and written

  • You have a strong appreciation for the user and keep their needs front and center

  • You’re a team player that understands the challenges of working remotely

  • You value clear documentation and communication that support this way of working

  • You see software development as a collaborative effort. You're happy to help others and not afraid to ask for help when you need it


  • An exciting, fast-growing, energetic environment

  • Flexible working hours and location (we fully support working-from-home or remote)

  • A pension plan

  • Great office and awesome people with different nationalities

  • At least €1.000,- per year on personal development budget


Skills / Experience

  • Ideally a strong background in Angular 2+

  • Have experience in leading initiatives/projects successfully within a team

  • Understand Scrum and can help with rituals to empower the team with meeting its goals

  • Have an understanding of general web technologies outside of the framework, think contributing to CI/CD, Express server

  • Formal education, and even cooler, a degree in a Computer Science / Software Engineering field

  • Knowledge and experience with Amazon Web Services' IaaS services portfolio

  • Experience with AngularJS

Personality / Attitude

  • You speak up from a position of knowledge

  • You like to help your colleagues develop to the next level

  • Speed and quality are what you’re about. You know your craft and you #get-it-done

  • Organized and structured is your approach to life and code

  • Straight forward, direct, but respectful with a big smile

If you’re still reading and excited about this role, we welcome your application, even if you think you don’t meet all the requirements. We understand that no candidate is perfect, and would love to hear your story.