Javascript Reverse Engineer at eyeo GmbH () (allows remote)

Javascript Reverse Engineer at eyeo GmbH () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-12-09 05:00:30

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After your morning coffee, you'll be expected to...

  • Collaborate closely with other Developers, QAs and Product Owners
  • Debug compiled JS code, deep-dive into HTML/CSS page sources to counter attempts to find a way around the adblocker
  • Write unit tests, review merge requests, pair program with other engineers in order to monitor and improve code quality
  • Drive innovation by suggesting new ideas related to ongoing initiatives or existing challenges to the team and following up on these ideas
  • Provide technical expertise wherever needed
  • Foster open communication and close collaboration with other team members to strengthen the team and increase overall productivity

What you bring to the table...

  • 3+ years of software development experience with excellent JavaScript skills
  • Strong understanding of the DOM environment
  • Experience in reverse engineering
  • Knowledge and experience writing test cases including unit and integration tests
  • A solid base knowledge in Agile ways of working
  • High desire to collaborate and improve team culture
  • Fluent in both verbal and written English

It's awesome, but not required, if you know about...

  • Knowledge of browser internals
  • Knowledge of WebRTC, video streaming technologies and protocols
  • Experience with intercepting network requests
  • Understanding of the ad tech landscape
  • Experience with browser extension development
  • Experience working on open source projects
  • Experience around collaborating with or even managing tech communities