Fullstack Engineers Sokos.fi and Prisma.fi at Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) (Helsinki, Finland)

Fullstack Engineers Sokos.fi and Prisma.fi at Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) (Helsinki, Finland)

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Location: Helsinki, Finland
Type: Full Time
Created: 2022-01-15 05:00:04

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In SOK Digital Development we develop digital channels and services to be used by the end-customers. We found this unit in 2018 to pilot whether we could and should develop digital services ourselves instead of buying black box solutions from vendors. It went quite well, as we have grown from four engineers to a middle-sized company within S Group with almost one hundred IT professionals. We have five different business verticals: grocery eCom, home and family supplies, hotels and restaurants, banking services and ABC service stations and fuel/electricity selling. We work in cross-functional and agile teams working towards shared goals.

Fullstack Engineers – Sokos.fi and Prisma.fi

Now we are looking for new colleagues to develop the new sokos.fi or prisma.fi. We are about to renew the eComs of our home and family supplies, as the current ones are – how to put it nicely – at the end of their lifecycles, as you might see. Client-centric thinking, customer insight and analytics, data-drivenness, omnichannel thinking, optimization of supply chains, and extensive usage of eCommerce platform capabilities are the guiding lights of our work. We are at the beginning of the renewals, so you’ll get to jump in pretty much right from the beginning. Not only being a greenfield project, this also means that you’ll be able to influence the team’s ways of working.

You’ll be working with pretty much everything related to our eCom solution. Your workdays might include buildingresponsive UIs for our customers, integrations to payment solutions, product data integrations and contributing to development of our in-house order management solution responsible for everything after customer places their order, for example.

Couple of words about the architecture and technological environment you’ll be working with: we are utilizing an eComengine on the background, which obviously needs customizing for our environment and use cases. For programming languages, we have chosen TypeScript, Python and PHP for different needs. The services are built on top of AWS, and we are heavily dependent on API Gateway, Lambdas, DynamoDB and ECS. Other key tools and frameworks worth mentioning are Terraform, React, Next.js and Splunk.

You’ll be working in close cooperation with other developers, designers, QA and DevOps engineers, data&analytics and AI/ML professionals, and business professionals following the agile ways of working. Both Prisma and Sokos have their own teams, but they will be cooperating closely and sharing learned lessons and best practices as they are operating in similar operational environments. Both eComs have huge reach with millions of users, and with these renewals we are about to make the most of that underused potential.

What we hope from you

  • Polyglot programming skills, the most important skills being TypeScript, Python and PHP

  • Previous experience working with AWS

  • In work-related matters you communicate fluently in English

What’s in it for you?

  • An opportunity to improve and haveinfluence on the daily lives of millions of people.

  • Concrete and rewarding end-results, which you can experience yourself by using S Group’s services, when doing your grocery shopping, fueling or staying in a hotel, for example. For many of us, the dialogue between the digital and IRL worlds makes our work extremely intriguing.

  • Ownership. You’re creating services directly for the end-users. You’re not visiting a project; you own the product.

  • Control. Our ways of working are not set in stone. You will be continuously improving how the products and services are developed in the biggest private employer in Finland.

  • Reasonable workload. You can choose your daily work rhythm and location.

  • An opportunity to gain know-how on technical competence on wide-ranging development areas and technology domains (like web, mobile and cloud) and businesses (online retail, hospitality, service stations).

How to apply

If you recognized yourself, next it would be great to learn more about you and your hopes for your career and working environment! We will contact you as soon as we have processed your application, so you don’t need to wait too long. Let us know about you and your interest on Sunday 30th of January 2022 the latest.

If you want more information about our ways of working and/or SOK Digital Development in general or something else, please contact our IT TA Specialist Anna Ruokamo (anna.ruokamo(a)sok.fi, +358 44 564 27 94).