JavaScript Engineer | Barcelona at Dynatrace (Barcelona, Spain)

JavaScript Engineer | Barcelona at Dynatrace (Barcelona, Spain)

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Location: Barcelona, Spain
Type: Full Time
Created: 2022-03-02 05:00:17

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Your role in the team

  • Live, support and develop the Dynatrace values and culture

  • Be a technical, organizational and social problem solver and protector

  • Support team members to develop themselves

  • Take active part in development (Software Engineering is part of your onboarding)

  • Frontend- and/or Backend-development in JavaScript, especially about the inner workings of Web Browsers or node.js

  • Plan team stories in detail together with Product Management and Product Architects

  • Prioritize, schedule and distribute tasks among team member (Triage issues, not simply forward to team, distribute support workload)

  • Prepare sprint plannings / reviews / retrospectives

We expect

  • Several years of experience as a Software Engineer, with in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, especially about the inner workings of Web Browsers.

  • You know what SOLID stands for and can give some examples of each principle.

  • You’re familiar with TypeScript and used it in some of your projects.

  • You have experience debugging complex issues in a variety of browsers.

  • In your daily work you use JEST, KARMA, JUNIT or similar tools. You’ve done unit, integration and E2E testing.

  • HTTP essentials (methods, query params, response codes, …)

  • Proven track record in building software, getting projects completed and into production.

  • Passion and pride for what you do.

  • A healthy amount of curiosity, having fun in learning new Technologies and Tools.

  • Team player with a solid level of quality and pride in your own work, responsible and self sufficient.