Frontend Engineer at Moveax (Roma, Italy)

Frontend Engineer at Moveax (Roma, Italy)

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Location: Roma, Italy
Type: Full Time
Created: 2020-12-02 05:00:10

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Frontend Engineer

Rome, Italy

About this Job

Type of job: Full-time

Experience level: Senior, Junior

Role: Front-end Engineer

Industry: Blockchain, Mobility, Automotive

Company Size: 25 - 50 people

Salary range: € 27.000 - € 55.000

Job location: Rome (chance to work remotely)

Language: Italian or English (fluent)

Job Description

The person we are looking for will be in charge of developing graphical user interfaces, based on the designs produced by our UX/UI team. They will be asked to detect possible problems and propose correction to those designs based on implementation constraints. Once hired, your task will be the development of applications' frontend for both web and mobile apps (both Android and iOS) using ReactJS and ReactNative frameworks. You will work side by side with our frontend team on the modeling of user flows and will be asked to give your unique perspective, pointing out visual and technical constraints.

We also value the ability to create and develop component libraries that can be reused throughout the whole project lifecycle. This is needed for both simple user interfaces and complex graphical animations. You will also develop frontend application logic, using libraries and frameworks such as Redux and Redux Saga.

Our working stack

Project management

  • Issue tracking: Atlassian JIRA.
  • Team communication: Slack, not-so-often-emails.
  • Metodology: Agile-Scrum, Domain Driven Design (DDD), Interface Driven Development (IDD).


  • Version Control
    • Software: GIT
    • Platforms: GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Frontend
    • Framework: ReactJS with Redux
    • Language: TypeScript
  • Backend
    • Topology: multiple services
    • Framework: spring boot, django, fastify, laravel, NodeJS
    • Language: Java, Python3, TypeScript, PHP
  • Architecture
    • Cloud services: OpenStack
    • Containerisation: Docker, Kubernetes
    • Persistence: MongoDB, Redis, PostgreSQL
    • Events and communication: Apache Kafka
  • CI/CD
    • Jenkins
    • Ansible


  • Previous professional experience in JavaScript development.
  • Previous professional experience with JavaScript frameworks such as React, Vue or Angular.
  • Deep knowledge of CSS3.
  • Basic web development knowledge.
  • Passion for the design of grahical user interfaces.
  • Previous experience in web-based graphical user interfaces development.
  • Previous experience with version control tools (e.g. git, svn).
  • Soft skills: good communication skills, team work, organization.

Traits we value

  • Previous experience in a SCRUM environment.
  • Previous professional experience with mobile native frameworks such as React Native.
  • Previous professional experience with Redux Saga.
  • Previous professional experience with TypeScript.
  • Previous professional experience with end-to-end testing of web and mobile applications.


Apply via the application form.

Agency calls are not appreciated.