Full Stack Developer at THEO Technologies NV (Leuven, Belgium)

Full Stack Developer at THEO Technologies NV (Leuven, Belgium)

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Location: Leuven, Belgium
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-01-02 05:01:23

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As a Full-Stack Developer at THEO Technologies, you help develop our software portal. Imagine Google Cloud Console or Amazon AWS Management Console, but for THEO Technologies products.

One day you are adding new user flows to our React-based frontend. Another, you are working on the backend integrating with our products’ CI/CD pipelines or the product analytics engine.

You become part of a cross-functional Scrum team where everyone has one thing in common: we are passionate about making things easier for our users.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • React, TypeScript, Nodejs or GraphQL have little secrets for you. You write clean code and help keep the codebase in top shape;
  • Design, architect and implement new full stack products from start to finish;
  • You and your team work together to go from high level user needs to a low-level specification, execution plan and implementation;
  • You work in an agile team. This means you should feel comfortable with working in short sprints, pair programming, daily standups, test-driven development, …

Desired Skills & Experience

  • 2 + years of experience as a software developer;
  • Bachelors in informatics, Master’s in computer science, …
  • Knowledge and experience in using TypeScript, React, Nodejs & GraphQL and the ecosystem surrounding these technologies for building both front- and backend applications;
  • Experience in common software engineering practices like version management, git, unit testing, code documentation, CI/CD, ...
  • Experience in test driven development and experience in setting up and using automated software testing solutions;
  • You’re a team player that knows when to work together and when to fly solo;
  • Experience in setting up and using cloud resources is a plus;
  • Experience in configuration and usage of relational and nonrelational databases can come in handy;
  • Experience in user interface design, and implementation using modern web standards is useful if you want to specialize in frontend development;
  • Experience and knowledge about implementing best practices for security concerns is a good skill to have;

Loving the challenges and atmosphere of a young and fast-growing company.