Frontend Developer at Hero Gaming (Malmö, Sweden)

Frontend Developer at Hero Gaming (Malmö, Sweden)

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Location: Malmö, Sweden
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-02-27 05:02:19

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Hero Gaming is looking for an experienced frontend developer to join the Malmö office to help us plan, implement, and maintain solutions to our current and long term objectives.

The Role

  • Improve performance by finding and fixing bottlenecks in both server and client parts of our application stack.
  • Adopt GraphQL. This includes schema design, migration from existing REST networking and state management with Redux.
  • Create and maintain the frontend platform to serve as a core building block for multiple products. This includes reusable code libraries, build systems, third party service integrations etc.


Mandatory skills are general web development and programming at an expert level.

In addition, we need you to have experience (the more the better) with the following:

  • React. Expert knowledge. Hooks, Suspense, and server-side rendering.
  • Emotion + Theme UI. Using theming to build design systems and UI kits.
  • React Router. Mostly v5, but we have apps that still use v3.
  • NodeJS. Mainly for server-side rendering of the React app and the GraphQL server.
  • GraphQL (Apollo Server + URQL). Developing proxy for existing REST API services and migrating frontend apps from Redux.

We also use the following technologies and having experience with them is a bonusbut not a requirement:

  • Redux. Would help to navigate and refactor legacy code. Loads of custom middlewares, obscure data fetching with Redux Effects library.
  • npm. As in “package registry”. We have plenty of private packages and we deal with publishing them on a regular basis.
  • Webpack. We use Razzle to avoid dealing with Webpack directly and aim to migrate to NextJS, yet being a Senior Webpack Config Engineer comes handy at times.
  • Circle CI, GitHub Actions, ESLint, Prettier, Semantic Release and other tools to avoid doing boring things and do interesting things instead. We’re lazy and robots must suffer instead of us.
  • Cloud infrastructure. We deploy our products (and backing services) as Docker containers to AWS ECS and Kubernetes so one might have a chance to perform occasional DevOps blessings.

So why Hero Gaming you may ask?

Everyone says they are on the bleeding edge but in the end, it takes a decision from the board of directors to upgrade React from 0.14.8 to 15.0.0. We make these decisions ourselves and adopt any tech that helps the business strive.

You’ve heard it before: “We encourage growth and learning” and all you end up with is a lecture on “the value of communication”. We don’t limit you if you want to make a PR to the backend repo written in Ruby or if you know how to tweak AWS set up to make it better. We will thank you instead.

When other companies say they have a family atmosphere what they mean is that you get a monthly “team building” invitation in your calendar. But we mean it. CTO talks in memes. Tech lead wants to demolish you… in Street Fighter. The Product Owner might bring all the chairs in the office to your desk one morning as a prank because he’s like your older brother.

There are other benefits too: pension plan, relocation allowance and help, lunch benefit, fitness allowance, snacks and food at the office, parties, Friday beers and annual company gatherings (the fun kind, not the “let’s look at PowerPoint presentations” one), participation in development conferences and last but not least a cozy office in the heart of Malmö.

Our Values

  • A functional paradigm. Write pure functions. Use immutable data structures. Make things composable.
  • Pragmatism. Follow the rules but break them when needed.
  • Community spirit. Mandatory code reviews. Seek help when stuck and provide help when asked.
  • Continuous improvement. Nothing is perfect, and will never be.

Are you game? Fantastic! — Apply now and start YOUR adventure already today.

Please send your CV and cover letter in English, thank you!