Senior iOS Developer (SwiftUI) at Copia Wealth Studios (Calgary, AB, Canada) (allows remote)

Senior iOS Developer (SwiftUI) at Copia Wealth Studios (Calgary, AB, Canada) (allows remote)

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Location: Calgary, AB, Canada
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-03-04 05:00:45

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Copia Wealth Studios is looking for iOS developers to tackle the radical transformation underway in the finance space. We have four core values that we believe make the ideal teammate:

  • Be Humble.
  • Be Humane.
  • Be Hungry.
  • Be Holistic.

Our first Product is a financial intelligence platform designed to help high net worth individuals (think business owners, family offices, entrepreneurs, and athletes) manage their investments. Our 'Patrons' track everything from art to crypto to real estate and business assets. 

The team comprises veterans who have been shipping products for decades; we've been designing and developing native iOS apps since the dawn of the iOS SDK. We've already unlocked early product-market fit, we're fully funded, and we have plenty of runway to match our ambitions. 

We don't believe in code tests, but if you're interested in helping us build the future of finance, send a few samples of your work: GitHub, radars on Open Radar, or something else that represents work you’re proud of.

About You: 

You love solving challenging problems and building robust features within cross-functional teams. You want opportunities to shape best practices, challenge product assumptions, and ship world-class software.

Regarding Culture: 

  • You're someone who wants to make a direct impact on the Product.
  • You value having an equity stake in the Company.
  • You have a good sense of humor and believe culture matters.
  • You value autonomy and appreciate real flow state time.
  • You love learning and want to be on a team that will challenge you and gives you the freedom to grow.
  • You care deeply about delighting users and want to work on a team that strives for pixel perfection.

Regarding Tech:

  • You have interest or experience in SwiftUI.
  • You have interest or experience in GraphQL.
  • You have an interest in functional programming.
  • You have an interest or experience in finance.
  • Bonus points for experience with "The Composable Architecture” (

Your Qualifications: 

  • Solid front-end development chops. And a track record of bringing shipping energy.
  • Worked on multi-discipline product teams before, either on the enterprise or consumer side.
  • Recognize communication is king. We won't need you to present reports or talk to investors, but you will be expected to communicate daily with the team, express concerns, and collaborate on problems. 
  • Open to sharing. We want to see your ideas, and we want you to contribute to ours. We value strong opinions, weakly held. 
  • Resilient & adaptable. You understand that building products can be messy and that agility is necessary. 
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration / Deployment. Collaboration matters!
  • Fluency in Git flows. Who doesn’t love a good PR?
  • Experience working within agile environments. The market is moving fast.