C# .NET developer full stack, some front end at topLingo Development () (allows remote)

C# .NET developer full stack, some front end at topLingo Development () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-03-06 05:00:54

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We have legacy applications between 12 and 5 years old. They are asp.NET MVC 4.6, some have angular (the original old version) and node for the front end. One of them is Core 2.2. Hosting is on AWS. You are the only developer, and there is a DevOps, and I am the PM. 

Initial tasks:

- Review what we have in Git and make sure they are organized. There are dependencies between the applications, so if one is updated, then pushed, another may have issues. We need a better way to do this. Some need to be running in order for others to function. 

- show us how to correctly use Git, so if I need to make small updates such as text changes, I can push properly. I am using VS preview, and I feel like it's not the best tool. 

- evaluate authentication for the two primary applications. It currently works, but it's precarious. Long term, we want to rebuild that via an API. The client uses Federated SSO, and there are external users as well that just login with a user/pass. 

- maintenance, client asks for changes periodically, sometimes large (they want a new API to access data), to text changes. 

- when there is no client requested work, refactor existing code, upgrade possibly to .NET 5 or core (currently in .net 4.6.1)

- there is much more to be done, but this is a good start... I would want your input on what to fix first based on security concerns, or what makes sense so we aren't putting the cart before the horse. 

Job Expectations:

The first two weeks wrapping your head around the applications, how they work together. I can show you a lot of this, you wont' be thrown to the wolves. I have them compiling on my LOCAL, the issue is if anyone else pulls them down, they don't compile. I need help pushing them correctly to git, and not pushing unnecessary files. 

Set up a procedure for future use, CI would be nice. We are small, and you would be the only developer so that may not be necessary immediately. 

Set up with DevOps guy procedures for pushing to dev/uat/prod. 

Put in more logging and error catching. Often there are errors that redirect the user to login, but there is no logging on the server. 

I want full time employment. OR at minimum 25 hours a week M-F, as long as you give me your schedule and are available on chat. Our issues in the past have been programmers outsourcing work to others for cheap, saying they are doing the work. Also saying they are working, and simply not working. This eventually becomes obvious, but by then I've wasted time and money. Please don't do this. 

I need to know (at least at first) what you are doing daily, including researching or if you're stuck on something and it's taking days. I do not want to hover, and I want to trust you'll just do the work without checking. But I do need reports on what you're working on, and how it's going daily at first. Ideally a quick call in the AM and again in the PM about how it went. 

This is a contractor position at first, and if you want to be W2, we can do that. 

Please don't lie about what you don't know. It's OK that you don't know how to use node. Lying about your skill set always becomes obvious and is a deal breaker. 

This is fairly laid back, we have few, if any, hard deadlines. We rarely have issues on prod, so late night or weekend work is almost never. In the last few years, it has happened once. Please don't judge on our website, we don't use it but it's kind of required.