Ruby Software Engineer at Addison Group () (allows remote)

Ruby Software Engineer at Addison Group () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-03-08 05:00:35

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This role will develop customer focused products in a culture which champions Agile, cross functional teams and continuous collaboration.

Key Responsibilities:

    • Being hands-on in developing our products using best practices, appropriate tools and technologies
    • Working with cross functional collaborative teams, helping to clarify requirements at the onset of projects and suggesting different and relevant technical approaches
    • Highlighting areas for continuous improvement and driving their prioritization
    • Being proactive in suggesting new tools, technologies and ways of working

Our Tech Stack:

    • Ruby/Ruby on Rails
    • Scala
    • MongoDB
    • Spark
    • Redshift
    • Kafka
    • Puppet
    • AWS
    • Docker
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • React

A handful of things we believe in:

    • Continuous delivery - we currently release software to production around 14 times a day on average
    • Cross functional teams – we believe in collaboration across the whole organization and we see Tech and Business teams as one team working together on projects (in fact, we even have our business product owners writing code).
    • Continuous innovation - we do hackathons as one example to drive experimentation with new technologies and ways of working
    • Never chaining ourselves to a technology - using the “right tool for the job”

What we are looking for:

    • Strong programming skills in any language. We look for strong Engineers and our philosophy is that a strong Engineer is not defined by the technologies they use; therefore Ruby experience is not essential. You’ll just need to be happy to cross-over to Ruby if you join us – and we will support you with that
    • Strong understanding of Agile
    • Strong desire to work collaboratively with business teams. We do not divide ‘business’ and tech’ teams, we see both as one team as we are all working towards one shared goal
    • Strong interpersonal skills to work well in our very open and friendly environment
    • Pro-active in suggesting new tools, processes and technologies – anything which will help us continually improve!