Senior Software Engineer AWS, NodeJS, Serverless at LifeOmic (Indianapolis, IN)

Senior Software Engineer AWS, NodeJS, Serverless at LifeOmic (Indianapolis, IN)

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Location: Indianapolis, IN
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-04-08 05:00:59

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We're looking for a talented Senior Software Engineer to join our Precision Health Cloud team. At LifeOmic, you'll get to take features from concept to delivery on a cutting-edge stack including NodeJS, GraphQL APIs, serverless lambda functions, continuous delivery, and more. And you'll have the opportunity to shape our future technology choices as well - we are passionate about building quality software and sharing better ways of doing things across the team.

Because we are a small development team at an early-stage startup, you will be expected to work independently. But you'll have a team of high performers to lean on when you come across a tough architecture challenge or a maddening data integrity problem. We also participate heavily in open source, so you'll be able to share much of your work externally and improve the software community as a whole.

We'd love to find someone who can:

  • Build rock-solid REST and GraphQL APIs using NodeJS/JavaScript or Python that other frontend and backend teams can consume
  • Collaborate with front-end engineers to deliver full-stack experiences
  • Use continuous delivery to ship incremental improvements many times per week
  • Participate in code reviews to spot issues around architecture, performance, security, and more

Bonus points if you:

  • Aren't afraid to write some React code if a feature calls for it, or you've worked with similar technologies like Angular, Vue, or Ember
  • Have submitted issues or pull requests to an open source project
  • Have experience with modern cloud tools like AWS Lambda, Docker, and Terraform