Front-End React Developer (Mid-Level) at Inc. (Chicago, IL) (allows remote)

Front-End React Developer (Mid-Level) at Inc. (Chicago, IL) (allows remote)

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Location: Chicago, IL
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-04-08 05:01:04

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We’re looking for candidates who have at least four years of web development experience on the job (more is fine), with at least three years of ReactJS on projects with complex state-management needs. Experience with Redux and Typescript is highly desirable. Interest in AWS ECS / Docker containers is a plus, but not a must. 

Good communication and task management skills are essential for success in our virtual-first work environment. You’ll be joining a team of experienced web developers with a passion for the craft of development. 

Required technologies

ReactJS, React-Redux, Typescript

Preferred but not required technologies

Node.js, MongoDB, AWS ECS (Docker Containers), MS SQL, ASP.NET Core, C#

Our tech stack

Our technology stack relies heavily on JavaScript-based frameworks and environments. Most recent projects use ReactJS (with Redux) on the frontend and a Node.js API on the server. 

Frontend: ReactJS with Redux, for Web React Native, for iOS and Android

Backend: Node.js (primarily)Database: MongoDB (primarily)

Deployment: AWS ECS using containers 

Location and Timezone

Chicago-based but, as of recently, 100% remote. We prefer candidates within 2 hours of Central Time, but are flexible.