Full Stack Web Engineer at Citymapper (London, UK)

Full Stack Web Engineer at Citymapper (London, UK)

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Location: London, UK
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-04-08 05:01:54

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We’re looking for a full stack engineer who wants to solve real world problems for real world people by making our products better. True full stack, from designing the architecture to deploying the servers to building the APIs to mastering the React life cycle to tweaking the kerning on that one label because it renders oddly on Firefox.

This role covers a huge array of problem spaces. Here's some of the things you’ll be working on:

  • build class-leading user experiences on citymapper.com
  • ensure the infrastructure can scale around the world
  • create sophisticated internal tools to help double our number of cities
  • bootstrap product features into our native apps via webviews
  • lead the discussion on what we should do with our web tech
  • support other devs to help them grow in skill and knowledge

In the course of doing these things, you will:

  • write code and tests in Javascript (React and Node.js mostly)
  • write code and tests in Python 3
  • deploy and support your code on AWS
  • wrangle our webpack pipelines
  • support and be supported by an incredibly welcoming team
  • design and implement features of all sizes, from a blinking home screen indicator to a Payment Services Directive 2 compliant user authentication flow
  • work side-by-side with talented software engineers, product designers, data scientists, and customer support operatives on a day-to-day basis
  • learn and grow at a dizzying pace
  • teach us how to be better

We need you to be smart, curious, and keen to get stuck in.

You'll need some commercial experience building full-stack apps - from infrastructure to CSS.We'll be looking to you to tell us what we should be doing with our web tech stack while still shipping fast, so you should be capable of making sensible decisions to get stuff done.

Our Stack:

  • Frontend: React (with Next.js in some places), Redux, CSS-in-JS
  • Backend: mostly Python 3 and Node.js, AWS EC2, Lambda and RDS.
  • Tooling: GitHub, yarn, webpack, AWS, SQL, Linux
  • Best practices: code reviews, tests, CI