Lead Full Stack Engineer at AIM () (allows remote)

Lead Full Stack Engineer at AIM () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-04-08 05:01:55

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TITLE: Lead Full Stack Engineer

DURATION: 6 months


  • The teams focuses on looking at quality of data for new clients coming in. The team has both claims data and commercial clients
  • They are working on taking some of their engineering capabilities and modernizing them. Their goal is to move all of their clients into the cloud, only one so far, but one thing at a time is the name of the game for them. They want to work on getting some of the initiatives below out the door, and then have others downstream a part of the pipeline.
    • This team is working on TWO THINGS right now:
      • One application is for an incoming file watcher that handles incoming customer data files – it indicates how many files they can expect for the customer, what the file patterns are, do some checks on them - checks for duplicate entries, whether it’s duplicate file, etc. In the future they will do some quality checks for some of the range of size of the file. If everything checks out they make a batch out of it and send a message on the service hub to send the file downstream. They input schedules for all clients using these file – there’s notification and issue handling mechanisms in place if things aren’t happening as expected.
      • The other project is the configuration UI they are using to input a lot of the information that is used by the other application– for example ,what the layout of the files are and what do they need?
  • Right now the team is writing in Javascript (React), with Nodejs on the backend. They will eventually like to migrate to GraphQL and have REST based API’s.
  • Where this project is at – they have a commercial client that goes live for testing in 2 months roughly. There are a few features the team is trying to finish up. They need some help to push to the finish line and provide some velocity. And then eventually help them with the next phase of migration to the cloud and Graph work.


  • 5+ years Javascript – React (2-3+ years?)
  • 2+ years of NodeJS experience
  • Experience building CI/CD pipelines – they use Jenkins and Terraform, but similar will suffice
  • Serverless experience (AWS, GCP or Azure is ok)


  • Notable Azure/AWS/GCP experience
  • Database experience – they use Mongo (any NoSQL database)
  • GraphQL experience
  • Integration testing experience – they use Mocha/Jest
  • Team Lead experience