Senior Java/Spring Developer at Baeldung () (allows remote)

Senior Java/Spring Developer at Baeldung () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-04-24 05:00:17

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We are looking for a Java Senior Developer with solid Spring experience, to join and help the team work on teaching-focused material.

Our course codebase is well maintained, and the team is primarily developing new lessons and secondarily working on improvements/upgrades to the existing material. You'll be contributing both directly by developing new lessons, but also to do code reviews, technical guidance within the team.

A deep understanding and definitely real-world experience with Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data JPA, and optionally Spring Security are necessary.

Also, some git, Maven, Jenkins experience is ideal.

Finally, on the non-technical side of things, a solid handle of the English language is a must.

===========The evaluation process should be quick and will, naturally, be fully paid at the standard rate of the job- 25$/hour. To keep things simple, we'll start with a fixed engagement and dedicate 6 hours to the eval.

After the eval, we'll start the onboarding and go forward with a longer-term engagement.

The work itself will be, on average, about 8 hours per week. There are no deadlines but, naturally, things are more or less distributed throughout the week. There is flexibility in the schedule, but please do apply only if the makes sense. I look forward to hearing your proposals.Eugen.