Senior Data Engineer at Remesh Inc. (New York, NY)

Senior Data Engineer at Remesh Inc. (New York, NY)

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Location: New York, NY
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-04 05:00:27

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About the Role

Engineers at Remesh are helping build the world's most trustworthy approach to engaging and understanding massive groups of people in real-time. In doing so, we encounter real engineering problems every day that require a high level of sophistication and expertise. We deal with things like, improving and maintaining a highly available machine learning data pipeline, expanding our extremely high-volume real-time conversation platform, and improving our architecture and infrastructure to remain modular, maintainable, and performant.

As an engineer at Remesh, you will be scaling a revolutionary means of communication and helping to change the way we understand people. In light of this, we look for strong critical thinking, problem solving, and reasoning abilities. The successful candidate should be excited to solve complex problems and be a motivated learner. Because we are using techniques on the edge of research, you'll need to be fluent in keeping up to date with the latest technologies so we can keep pushing our product into the future.

As a Remesh Data Engineer, you will be responsible for building, maintaining, and testing new and old features as a part of our core product. You will be working with a cross-functional team of product managers, engineers, and designers to improve existing features, build new ones, and scale out our platform to serve more users and use-cases. With your background in ETL and data warehousing, we will rely on your expertise to design and build key data pipelines that are essential for scaling our business operations and for leveraging our increasing amounts of data to enable effective reporting and analytics. The following are the day-to-day responsibilities of a Data Engineer:

  • Writing, maintaining, and testing code
  • Identifying and resolving issues, bugs, and requests
  • Collaborating with product managers and designers to build engaging features for our users
  • Supporting our internal teams with engineering expertise
  • Collaborating with other engineers to improve our codebase and the architecture and systems supporting it
  • Working with other engineers to build complex features

The Benefits of Working with Remesh

  • Medical/dental/vision coverage
  • 401K plan
  • Work-from-anywhere