Sr. Node.js (TypeScript) Engineer at Ocelot () (allows remote)

Sr. Node.js (TypeScript) Engineer at Ocelot () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-04 05:01:19

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Ocelot is higher education’s #1 SaaS provider of multilingual AI chatbots, communications, and engagement tools. We serve over 6.5 million students at over 400 institutions. We get students and their families key information. This helps students get into and stay in school, and with less debt.


  • Node.js
  • TypeScript
  • AWS
  • React
  • MongoDB
  • ElasticSearch
  • Redis
  • Drupal
  • MySQL
  • Docker


Product and Impact

  • “I really enjoy our product. I've not really had that before. Other companies did not have exciting applications. We really help students and colleges. And I'm really happy with how the platform is working - our bot, liveChat, and texting features”
  • “I never thought a chatbot would be so important”
  • “We're making a good product that helps people”

Challenge and Modern Technologies

  • “I like challenges. Some folks like cookie cutter work. At Ocelot, its new technologies. We're almost on the bleeding edge. I love that we continue to reinvest in product and use the latest technologies”
  • “I'm having fun. It's challenging. I thrive on that”
  • “This is the second most challenging work environment in career - second only to being a company owner. The technical challenges are very complicated. You talk to the bot. It makes smart moves. We know how it works under the hood. We contribute to the behavior. For me, it is the technical intensive tasks that are making great things happen”


  • “Everyone has the same goal. We're not stuck in process. We are developing new process. We are not afraid to move or take on new technologies. We are not stuck in the mud. From a dev perspective, I feel flexibility and am encouraged to do things the right way, and encouraged on sections of code I don't have lots of experience with - I grow”
  • “People here are very respectful. Things happen, and despite that, emotionally we have a very calm environment”
  • “We've done well managing growth on the engineering side, compared to other startups. It’s not heavy fisted tactics. There is flexibility and openness to feedback. If any bits are not working, we've adapted. He looks at new ways we can adjust. It’s not one size fits all”
  • “Of all companies that I’ve worked with, in this team nobody has ever said no to me, or I'm too busy”
  • “I like that it is geographically distributed - before (and after) COVID”


In two years, our team has gone from 20 to 60 team members spread across the US, and some other locations. Our dev team has quickly grown to three scrum teams, with about 20 folks total. In 2021, we will grow to about 90 people total, and four scrum teams. Our clients have a huge appetite for our tools. The company is led by veteran entrepreneurs and technologists. We care about building a great environment, with great people. Doing so, we will build great product that can impact so many lives. Our technology leadership includes our CTO, SVP Engineering, and SVP Product, all working closely together.


You want to build great product, in a great team, that has real societal impact. You have a growth mindset. You can thrive in a team that seeks to have a glass half full Attitude; seeks to Understand (asks questions, is curious, and listens); Nails it (does the right thing and has ownership); and cares about your Team

Familiar with our stack and tools (Git, JIRA, Docker) and process (Scrum) and excited to learn new things.


We are looking forward to hearing from you. Please include a cover note and resume.