iOS Developer at Reaktor (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

iOS Developer at Reaktor (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-04 05:01:20

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Curious about applying your tech skills in different domains?

Enjoy planning and theory, but get the most joy out of the execution?

Passionate about finding new ways of working with your teammates?

Excited about solving human problems with a holistic approach?

Look at you sounding like a Reaktorian already

At Reaktor, we design and build tomorrow’s digital products. We are known for our flat hierarchy, have a 5-star Glassdoor rating, and launched a satellite running Node.js in low Earth orbit.

Ideally you…

  • Know how to write decoupled, easy to maintain and testable code in Swift.
  • View your colleagues and clients as individuals with their respective strengths and weaknesses.
  • Can work with the team to decide the best tools for the job at hand. Sometimes RxSwift is your best friend, and other times React Native suits a project better.
  • Enjoy working with juniors and seniors on the shiny and dirty bits of a project. You might help out developing microservices or APIs for an app every now and then.
  • Have experience publishing iOS apps to the App Store.
  • Appreciate the fine details of visuals, user interaction, animations, and everything else that makes an app not just work but feel great as well.

What’s in it for you?

  • Flexibility in working hours and choosing your projects.
  • Autonomy: Amsterdam office is led by a Leadership Team instead of a single CEO, it is in the core of our culture to make sure you always have a say.
  • Growth: make use of unlimited training budget and participate in our global communities of practice.
  • Freedom to shape the career path you like: try on different roles as you develop at Reaktor.
  • People: we put people first in everything we do and like to spend time together having Thursday dinners or discussing favorite podcasts in our hobby channels.
  • The necessary stuff to make your life comfortable like health insurance, pension plan, phone subscription, latest phone and laptop models and extended vacation days.
  • The cool stuff like the company boat, office trips and parties (when we are back to the new normal).

What is it like working at Reaktor Amsterdam?

The Amsterdam office has a unique vibe, being a lively mix of 20 nationalities. From day one, our growth philosophy has been to hire any and all Reaktorians out there. This has served us well, with a welcoming community of humans who will connect with you beyond the day-to-day. Check out the Reaktor culture in our blog and listen to our podcast.

We make our clients succeed in technology. Reaktor teams work in close co-operation with our clients. We deliver anything from the automation of beer brewing processes and fintech mobile apps; to the scaling of infrastructure needed for drops of limited-edition adidas sneakers.

When you’re a Reaktorian, you’re going to be collaborating with our top minds to solve really juicy tech problems in meaningful, future-forward ways. If it runs code, our team can make it.

Sounds like you? We need to meet!

We’ll start with a brief video chat, just to say hi. Hi!

Then we’ll get to know you a bit better. We call this the Culture and Attitude interview.

Next up is a technical interview. No brain teasers or sorting algos, we promise. You choose a couple of topics to discuss, we’ll choose a couple of topics to discuss.

Finally, the closing interview. Here we discuss practicalities and make you an offer we hope you can’t refuse.

You’re in! We have great online onboarding ready for you.

So, dear future colleague, we can’t wait to hear from you!