Senior Software Engineer (NodeJS/JavaScript Remote) at SEQL, Inc. () (allows remote)

Senior Software Engineer (NodeJS/JavaScript Remote) at SEQL, Inc. () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-05 05:00:35

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A day in the life

  • Write, test, and ship serverless functions to enhance our Hasura GraphQL API
  • Plan, build, and monitor periodic ETL jobs for ingesting 3rd-party data
  • Monitor and optimize our PostgreSQL database performance and structure
  • Work with a team of engineers, designers, and stakeholders to plan, build, and deliver new features, bugfixes, and under-the-hood updates every sprint
  • Collaborate on code via pull requests and the occasional Slack call
  • Keep yourself and the team organized with our project management tool (ClickUp)
  • Help grow the team through mentorship, coaching, and knowledge transfer
  • Coordinate with other members of the team for new releases, breaking changes, and platform upgrades
  • Work quickly and independently to make intuitive product decisions when necessary
  • We are fully remote and try to keep meetings laser-focused and to a minimum so everyone can do the thing they came here to do... which was probably not a marathon of Zoom calls

You might be a perfect match if you...

  • Build, test, and deploy performant JavaScript code anywhere and everywhere
  • Have experience using GraphQL APIs, Hasura, Prisma, or other GraphQL tools
  • Like collaborating with other engineers and adjacent teams - sharing is caring
  • Are comfortable monitoring and debugging serverless architectures
  • Enjoy learning new tools and applying them strategically - our stack is always evolving
  • Read Hacker News and reach for the popcorn when you see a JS Twitter fight start
  • Have used - or felt used by - a ( poorly documented ) third-party API

Above and beyond ( not required, just neat! )

  • Automated testing and CI/CD for serverless functions and database queries
  • Feature flagging systems like LaunchDarkly and auth tools like Auth0
  • React / React Native experience (the other parts of our stack)
  • Communication skills that are clear, concise, and inclusive
  • Deep understanding of PostgreSQL, migrations, and GraphQL API versioning techniques
  • Played a sport in high school - even if you weren't great (not many of us were, either)

Benefits and Compensation

  • Fully remote w/ flexible hours
  • Generous equity ownership
  • Medical & dental coverage - including your dependent(s)
  • Competitive experience-based salary
  • Gold standard “take what you need” PTO policy
  • Generous stipends for:
    • Equipment & home office supplies
    • Ongoing education & training
    • Gym memberships
    • Mental health

Hiring Checklist:

  1. Submit your application via or send your resume to [email protected] along with any relevant supplemental information such as your portfolio, certifications, LinkedIn, GitHub, HackerRank, etc.
  2. Schedule a non-technical phone screener interview.
  3. Complete our virtual technical interview.
  4. Accept your offer.