Principal Engineer, eCommerce at Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) (Helsinki, Finland)

Principal Engineer, eCommerce at Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) (Helsinki, Finland)

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Location: Helsinki, Finland
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-06 05:01:24

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Here at SOK Digital Development we develop world-class eCommerce services for S Group’s online stores and customers. We are building omni-channel customer experiences for the grocery trade ( and, the family and home retail and home supplies ( and, and the department store and specialty store trade (

The customer experience, customer value, usability and quality are the cornerstones of our work. During the past years we have renewed our ways of working; we brought the development, design and business professionals around the same table and started to work more tightly together as a one team. In our daily work we are motivated by helping our customers and each other, and solving problems. Everything is not ready (and probably never will), because as a big organization we have a lot of things to develop! We are on the right path, and now we are looking for a fellow traveller and team member to join our journey!

About the role

Working as a Principal Engineer you get to make the everyday living of Finnish people better by enhancing the way we combine our eCommerce platforms, hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations and strong knowledge of supply chains by being part of our Order Management Solution team.

You are a part of team building a crucial system responsible for everything after customer placing an order in one of our online stores to the moment user receives the goods; optimizing where the goods are delivered from, how orders shipped from different warehouses are combined to fulfil an order and how the refund process is handled, not forgetting integrations to various systems and processes; data and analytics, reporting, financial and others. To keep things even more interesting all this needs to be done as efficiently as possible without forgetting the customer experience.

Your daily tasks consist of coding, working with integrations and developing architecture. You are constantly improving your team’s ways of working to make the quality, efficiency and everyone’s (work) lives in general better and more comfortable. You are not afraid to try out new technologies and you like to reflect technological choices to improve already existing solutions and to fill new business requirements and needs.

What we hope from you

What we hope from you especially is a strong background in software development and ability to work as a part of the team. When developing services, you have the level of technological insight to take business requirements and needs, information security, scalability, availability and cost-efficiency into account.

We rely heavily on AWS, Serverless framework, Node.js, Terraform and TypeScript. Experience working with the mentioned technologies is seen as a benefit.

Why SOK Digital Development?

Besides compensation, fringe benefits and awesome colleagues, here are few things you might find interesting:

  • We think there is no other domestic company that can improve the daily life of every-day citizen as we do.

  • You have the ownership. You’re creating services directly for the end-users. You’re not visiting a project; you own the product.

  • You’re in control. Our ways of working are not set in stone. You will be continuously improving how the software is developed in one of the biggest companies in Finland.

  • The workload is reasonable, and you can choose your daily work rhythm. We like to work in the same location to create synergy and to be more efficient as a team, but remoting is also possible (During the pandemic it’s the default).

  • Your work is grounded in daily life, like shopping your groceries, fueling or staying in a hotel. This tight connection between the digital and physical world makes the work concrete and rewarding. And if you’re using S Group services, you can experience the results by yourself.

  • Our technical competence and wide-ranging development areas provide you with experience that will certainly be useful in your career. Within S Group you will work with different technology domains (like web, mobile, and cloud) and businesses (online retail, hospitality, service stations).

How to apply

If we were able to catch your interest, next we would like to learn more about you! We’ll be reading the applications as they come, make sure to send yours the latest by Sunday 9.5.2021. If you want to check something regarding your position, our vision or ways of working before applying, you can chat with our IT Talent Acquisition Specialist Anna Ruokamo (anna.ruokamo(a), +358 44 564 2794).

SOK in short

SOK belongs to S Group, which is a customer-owned Finnish network of companies in the retail and service sectors, with more than 1,800 outlets in Finland. SOK Corporation comprises Suomen Osuuskauppojen Keskuskunta (SOK) and its subsidiaries. SOK is a central cooperative which produces expert and support services – such as chain management, product range, procurement, and marketing services – for the cooperatives of S Group. SOK is also responsible for the strategic guidance of S Group and the development of the business chains. Through its subsidiaries, SOK engages in the travel and hospitality business in Finland, St. Petersburg, and Estonia, as well as in supermarket trade in St. Petersburg and Estonia.