SonarQube - Backend Developer at SonarSource (Geneva, Switzerland)

SonarQube - Backend Developer at SonarSource (Geneva, Switzerland)

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Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-07 05:00:26

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SonarSource provides world-class solutions for continuous code quality. Our open-source and commercial products (SonarLint, SonarCloud, SonarQube) help developers and organizations of all sizes to manage the quality & security of their code, and ultimately deliver better software. SonarSource solutions support development in 25+ programming languages such as Java, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, C/C++, COBOL and many more. With over 6,000 customers including eBay, Thales, BMW and used by more than 200,000 organizations globally, SonarSource products are the preferred and most trusted solutions on the market.

The impact you can have

As a member of the SonarQube team, you'll be a key player in making SonarQube the best tool for Code Quality and Security. You will help us achieve our goals, which include improving the integration with third-party SCMs and CIs (e.g. GitHub, Azure DevOps, Gitlab), enhancing the general operability of the product, designing & maintaining a modern and performant REST API, and continuously improving our documentation.

You will have the opportunity to see your features coming to life in Production, with short iteration loops. Having roadmap and business priorities in mind, you will be able to choose what you focus on.

On a daily basis, you will

  • Help convert roadmap requirements to released features
  • Collaborate with Product Managers to understand functional needs
  • Stay committed to the sprint you are working on until completion
  • Share and celebrate your achievements
  • Take the time to reflect and learn after every sprint and release
  • Contribute to SonarSource Open Source Community
  • Lead and participate in team & cross-team initiatives
  • Help the team scale by improving how we collaborate within the team

The skills you will demonstrate

  • Developing in Java with clean code, doing constructive code reviews, using Agile tools
  • Having the capacity to implement functional increments
  • Self-confident enough to challenge the status quo as well as to give & receive feedback, following radical candor guidelines
  • You take initiative and have the ability to lead a subject from beginning to end
  • Applying federative leadership style
  • Being humble, empathetic and flexible to accept failure and to grow from it
  • Being able to explain complex technical subjects to non-technical colleagues
  • Valuing “done” over “perfect”

How to perform during interviews

If you want to have an overview of the hiring process and maximize your chances to pass, feel free to check our Interview Preparation Guide!

Words from the team

As a team, we build best-in-class software and add technical capabilities to max out other teams' contributions to the product, in order to deliver the SonarQube roadmap in a timely manner. We manage to cut dependencies, as we are collaborating with Backend and Frontend developers, UX designers, a Documentation geek, a Release Engineer and a DevOps specialist.

By best-in-class software, we mean our software should be robust, secure, scalable, operable, maintainable, usable and reliable.

By joining us, you will be part of an autonomous team that has a direct impact on the product, that owns and defines its best way of building cool things and having fun together, and that is always evolving.

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