React Scope Leader at Bit () (allows remote)

React Scope Leader at Bit () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-07 05:01:20

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Be a leader for everything related to React at Bit.

  • Have a relationship with top OSS projects maintainers (React and more)
  • Help support team with complex React issues
  • Help other team members when using React
  • Review components targeted to the React scope

Own the integration (env) between bit and React including:

  • Compiling React code using bit
  • Maintain an infrastructure in bit to test react components
  • Help building design system with React for document components
  • Create an infrastructure to document React components using design system built with React for this
  • Define best practices for working with bit and React (default compiling, testing, linting, bundling rules)
  • Help building automatic schema extractor for React components (transform the code to AST and get insights and metadata from it)


  • Tech skills: React expert, NodeJS, Babel, Jest, Mocha, webpack, eslint, AST
  • Contribute to React/top OSS
  • Vast knowledge of how React was build, in concepts and practice.
  • Education / Architect / Confrences experience (big advantage)