Dev-Ops Software Packaging Engineer - Kubernetes at Neo4j (Malmö, Sweden)

Dev-Ops Software Packaging Engineer - Kubernetes at Neo4j (Malmö, Sweden)

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Location: Malmö, Sweden
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-08 05:00:24

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From our technology to our team members, Neo4j is centered around relationships.

As part of Neo4j product engineering, you will work alongside a diverse team of talented colleagues from around the world. Our culture encourages engineers who want to become deep experts in a particular field – or to build broad expertise across our solutions. Our engineers regularly work with peers in field engineering and experience the full lifecycle of the systems they build.

We build technology that helps cure cancers, addresses diabetes, and gets humans to Mars. We're proud to fight fraud, crush pandemics, and even help journalists uncover the truth.

Neo4j’s engineering teams are located in Malmö, Sweden and London, UK.

The Role

We are looking for a software engineer to specialise in the packaging and distribution of Neo4j software. This is one of our most visible surfaces since installation and set-up is the first experience many users have of Neo4j. This team will package the software for various customers including Tesla, NASA and HP to name a few. We are looking for a candidate with a background in software engineering and an interest in system administration and container technologies; you might have worked as a DevOps engineer with strong interest in software development. As an example we currently work on a helm chart for kubernetes. This role requires work across a wide range of different technologies and programming languages. You should be comfortable working with this variety, disciplined about choosing the right technology for each situation, and interested in learning unfamiliar technologies. Due to the close collaboration with our core database engineering teams, this role provides the opportunity to build your knowledge of low-level systems programming and database design, if this is something that interests you.

You will ->

  • Designing and implementing systems for packaging and distributing our software
  • Developing and extending our test and release tooling
  • Maintaining and improving our automatic documentation systems
  • Implementing continuous delivery techniques
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Upskill yourself in GoLang

Your work will be part of our extensive Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines which are based on a mixture of open-source, and bespoke specialist tools. These pipelines are responsible for:

  • Elaborate testing, across a wide range of platforms, from the unit-level right up to multi-server soak tests which take weeks to complete.
  • Building and publishing our extensive documentation, with verification of all the included example code.
  • Packaging and publishing software for use by our users and customers. We publish to multiple channels including: DockerHub, public cloud marketplaces, apt and yum repositories, Maven Central and npm.

You should have experience in 3 or more of the following (technologies that we currently use are listed in parentheses):

  • Container technologies (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Continuous integration (TeamCity)
  • Build management (Make, Maven, Gradle)
  • Cloud deployment (AWS, GCP)
  • Version control systems (Git)
  • System administration and packaging (Linux, Windows, macOS)
  • Programming and scripting in multiple languages (Java, Golang, Javascript, Bash)
  • Production use of Neo4j or another database
  • Automated testing

Why Join Neo4j?

Neo4j is among the 20 most popular databases in the world and the leader in the rapidly emerging Graph Database category. We’re constantly testing the boundaries of how to apply connected data to solve the world’s most pressing problems. You’ll work on challenging, unique engineering projects that challenge what’s possible.

We have customers in every industry across the globe, and we build technology that has a proven product/market fit. Joining our team is an opportunity to define the future of data, analytics, and automation.

We offer engaging employee events and a welcoming team. Most of us would agree that one of the best parts of working at Neo4j is the people we get to work with.

We encourage you to apply even if you don’t 100% fit the qualifications above. Why? Because we are committed to building an environment that fosters belonging, which means valuing intellectually honest discussions and being receptive to new ideas and perspectives.

One of our central objectives is to provide an inclusive, diverse, and equitable workplace for everyone to develop their potential and have a positive, career-defining experience.