Full Stack Node/React Developer at Scalable Path () (allows remote)

Full Stack Node/React Developer at Scalable Path () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-05-13 05:01:16

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Scalable Path is looking for a Full Stack Node/React Developer to join the team and work on a client project. This is a remote, part-time position (approximately 4 hours/day). The client is also open to candidates who are available full-time.


The client is an early-stage iPaaS (integration platform as a service) startup specializing in developing the fastest and most comprehensive solutions for today's enterprise digital ecosystems.

Their unique approach to interconnecting systems and analytics platforms is based on their deep expertise leveraging multi-threaded data streaming technologies that outperform the competition by 10x and in some cases 1000x. They aren't just disrupting the data integration industry, they're reinventing it.


The client is a data integration startup that has already made progress with their Java-based backend services that consume and integrate data from multiple sources. They are looking for a capable Node and React developer with frontend skills to create an app from scratch that will allow their alpha and beta users to configure their data warehousing application. The founder has a high-level view of the broader system architecture but needs guidance on architecting this frontend part of their system. They will provide wireframes for you to use as a starting point, but you will do everything from there including setting up hosting, deployment, backend Node development, and frontend HTML/CSS/JS development.

Duties and responsibilities:

- Make technical and architectural recommendations based on their requirements and industry trends

- Set up hosting and deployment of the Node and React application from Git (should be provider-agnostic, but may need to be deployed to Azure)

- Transform wireframe designs into a fully functional single-page React application (SPA)

- Write backend Node application (potentially in Express) that interacts with multiple other APIs and provides data to the frontend SPA.

- Recommend and leverage a frontend framework such as Bootstrap, Material UI, or Tailwind CSS to quickly build intuitive user interfaces

- Code advanced, custom components for visualizing data mapping functionality in the app (and research and recommend specific libraries to use to avoid reinventing the wheel).

The dev team currently meets every other day (3 times per week) at 10 am Pacific time, but this could be changed if need be.


You will be working primarily with the Founder who is also a software architect and also working with two Java Developers (all of whom are located in California) There is an existing daily meeting at 10:00 am America/Los Angeles (-07:00) PDT.


As soon as possible.


The client thinks that the first phase of development will last approximately 3 months, and there is a good chance the engagement would continue on if things go well.


- Node.js (Must have)

- React (Must have)

- Written English (Must have)

- Spoken English (Must have)

- CSS (Must have)

- JavaScript (Must have)

- HTML (Must have)

- PostgreSQL (Strongly preferred)

- Azure (Strongly preferred)

- Express (Strongly preferred)

- Kubernetes (Nice to have)