Tech Lead who loves building team autonomy at Redgate Software (Cambridge, UK)

Tech Lead who loves building team autonomy at Redgate Software (Cambridge, UK)

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Location: Cambridge, UK
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-18 05:01:12

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Tech leads at Redgate are vital to the success of our teams and the quality of the products we sell. The role requires a mix of skills; team leadership (both as part of the leadership group and the engineering team directly, hands-on programming, technical leadership, people management and customer focus. The most rewarding part of a tech lead? You’ll help support and grow the engineers on your team.

On the technical side, we are looking for those with experience in languages and frameworks such as .NET, C#, Java, Electron, TypeScript and React, and cloud–native stacks based around Kubernetes, Go, Dapr and LinkerD. We encourage experimentation and guide towards convergence using Redgate’s Technical Radar.

Redgate understands that the skills of a great Technical Lead can vary; some are stronger in the technical and others in the non-technical. While we expect a proven history of development experience, we are also keen to meet those whose people management is stronger than their technical!

Our products solve the most challenging problems across the development lifecycle, integrating the database into agile workflows and database estates to be monitored and managed to ensure performance and security.