Software Engineering Manager at SMA Technologies () (allows remote)

Software Engineering Manager at SMA Technologies () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-18 05:01:17

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Why We Need You- The Mission

Born of NASA, and successful for over 40 years, SMA Technologies is quickly becoming a leader in the Workload Automation space. As we grow, we are looking for a competitive, tenacious and collaborative Software Engineering Leader to propel our product development team forward. This role is responsible for executing on the product strategy and building high quality software that customers love.

Reporting to the Sr Director of Development, you will lead the engineering team responsible for delivering the core OpCon platform. You will be responsible for building and acquiring skills on the team to continue meeting the requirements of the product roadmap. You understand and have experience implementing software engineering best practices, and you will establish best practice process with this team. You solve for the customer, and you align your team to do the same.

Objectives- The Problems You'll Solve

Within your first 3 months, familiarize yourself with the team, the business, our processes, and the existing roadmap.

  • Learn about the existing team, each of their backgrounds, skills, technologies in use and existing priorities.
  • Gain comfort and familiarity with existing toolchain and process. Become proficient with Jira, understand Azure DevOps, and understand existing controls in place that surround our software development lifecycle.
  • Work with Product Management to understand the existing roadmap, current customer commitments, and potential longer-term strategies.
  • Assume responsibility of the recruitment and hiring process, filling out open positions and opening new ones to meet the requirements of the business.

Within your first 6 months, put in place an effective management process for the top mid-term priority, the completion of our web user interface and associated web services.

  • Collaborate with Product Management to prioritize and delegate tasks to ensure value is delivered in an order that delivers maximum value to customers and the business.
  • Align team structure to best suit the needs of the project in a manner that delivers the project efficiently while also building domain expertise in the teams.
  • Monitor and adjust the pace at which the team works, weighing the benefits to the business against the long-term health of the engineering team.
  • Create accurate forecasting models for completion of the project and establish methodology for easily reporting progress against the project plan. Present the plan to senior leadership.

Within your first 12 months, establish effective Agile development practices and instill a DevOps culture within the team.

  • Create an Agile process that is suitable to the needs of the team. Implement the ceremonies and rituals required to sustain the process and instill the culture.
  • Collaborate with Product Management to instill a customer-centric thought process within the team, creating a solve for the customer mentality.
  • Establish a culture within the engineering organization that prioritizes continuous improvement and learning.
  • Remove manual work and build automation for the entire software development lifecycle, delivering a fully automated process from code commit to customer availability in under 4 hours.

Competencies- What we're looking for

Experience running a software team: Our key technical objective is to have a solid understanding of building high-performing software engineering organizations. You are comfortable running large-scale projects and are able to effectively manage timelines and risk. You have experience in a leadership position and have been responsible for the throughput of a team of software engineers. Defining success, setting goals, using metrics, and tracking progress transparently are essential tools for this individual. You instill urgency but ensure the team is operating in a sustainable fashion. You have been a hands-on contributor in the past and can ask the right questions to understand situations without needing to be behind the keyboard.

Understanding of Agile methodologies and DevOps culture: You are familiar with Agile methodologies and frameworks and have been a part of implementing and maintaining them in your past. You understand the benefits of DevOps principles but are flexible in implementing them to suit the skills and needs of the team.

Committed to Agility: You are familiar with Agile methodologies and frameworks and have been a part of implementing and maintaining them in your past. Getting feedback into the hands of your team quickly is critical. You prioritize organizational learning and foster an environment for the team that is the same, promoting iterative improvement and experimentation.

Passionate about building teams: You are able to hire, on-board, manage, and develop all members of the team. You foster a collaborative and supportive environment that ensures everyone feels safe to share ideas, feedback and resources.

Customer-focused: You spend much of your time with, thinking about, or supporting others in serving your customers. You deeply understand who loves your product, the value they derive, and how you are different than alternatives. You expect the same level of customer care from your team.

Interpersonal skills: We want you to be a person we enjoy collaborating with, spending time with, and investing in. You know how to inspire, motivate and support a team to get things done. You may be this person if you already invest heavily in those you work with, and if you consistently receive the feedback that you are a great colleague and teammate. A great sign is if people go out of their way to work with you, no matter the situation.

Intellectually curious: You have a strong level of curiosity and care about learning and self-improvement. You are willing to try out new techniques and continuously improve your own skillsets and understanding.

Accountable: It bothers you when people don't follow through on their commitments. You have no problem planning the work, working the plan, and proactively communicating your progress along the way. You can tell us about times when you have rolled up your sleeves, taken ownership of a body of work, and delivered the results with minimal support.

How We Work - Our Core Values

Collaborative Our success as a company comes through collaboration, working as a team. We put the mission and the needs of the organization ahead of our personal needs and collaborate to develop winning solutions.

Tenacious Our tenacity comes from our strength of character. We are scrappy, determined, resourceful, and relentless in our approach to serve our clients and partners. We are willing to fight for what is right and are proactive in seeking solutions. We are tenacious and will not quit.

Eager to WinOur passion to win comes from a deep caring for the success of our employees, clients, and partners both personally and professionally. Every employee is expected to "own it" by taking the lead and seeing initiatives through from start to finish.

Required Skills
  • At least 3 years of previous experience managing a team of software engineers
  • Prior experience as a software engineer working with Microsoft Technology Stack (.NET, SQL Server)
  • Experience hiring and developing staff into a high performing team
  • Ability to coach, train and deliver feedback to employees in a constructive manner