System Administrator at Kodify Media Group () (allows remote)

System Administrator at Kodify Media Group () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-18 05:01:17

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About Us

We have more than 15 years of successful business, producing world class video content and building, developing and managing a number of high traffic websites. These have more than 7 million visitors per day! Our success is due to the distinct teamwork of our people, where each of us plays a key role in bringing us closer to our goals. Our award-winning content and websites are created exclusively by us and directly for the use of millions of users worldwide.

All this does not happen without a good deal of fun and benefits - our people also have a great capacity for fun! Our goal is to create one of the best possible work environments, which inspires each of us to grow and reach our maximum potential in an unparalleled work environment.

The Gig

The team at Kodify is looking for a System Administrator to join our team. This position is open to remote candidates as well as those based in Barcelona (a plus!). You will form part of a four-member SysAdmin team, joining them on a quest to make our servers and systems the safest, most functional and robust to date.

You will be working with our fully remote dev team (20 engineers across multiple EU locations) and deal with an interesting set of technical challenges: high traffic websites with millions of daily users, top-notch tech stack, new websites launched every year - no day here is ever the same here! With you on board, we’re looking to bring a more unified systems architecture across our products.

What will you do?

You’ll help to evolve a platform that supports close to 100M unique visitors a month by:

  • Improving and maintaining multiple self hosted Kubernetes clusters on EC2 (+1.20 version)
  • Providing platform observability with tools like Kibana, Prometheus, Thanos, Datadog
  • Design, improve and implement Cloud environment technologies
  • Automate, optimize and document all of our processes and technologies
  • Be a technology reference to our internal team and respond to requests from devs
  • Ensure our platforms are stable, scalable and robust
  • Comfortable with the DevOps culture
  • Work with a team that contributed to the community in tools like: kops, traefik, cilium, kube-aws, heapster (rip), nginx-ingress, helm...

You’ll mainly do it inside the Node.js ecosystem, JavaScript mostly but TypeScript adoption is growing in the company.

What we expect from you the first 1, 3, 6 months

After 1 month

You are familiar with all the team members and participate in some discussions, design, architecture and features. You can navigate across the development environment and have a clear understanding of the architecture. Some PRs were done and the first deployments are probably done.

After 3 months

Peer programming is now part of your life and you gained independence while the initial work you’ve done started to bring value to the company. Grafana is now like home and you may enter in on call rotation as secondary. You're now familiar with our Helm charts and pipelines and the processes of the team are interiorised.

After 6 months

You have a clear understanding of the platform architecture, design and challenges. Monitoring tools are part of your daily basis and you’re very confident while debating with the teams. You’re now part of the primary on call rotation with someone always assisting you in case of an incident. You’re able to assist non-sys members of your team and unblock them when needed.

How will you do it?

You’ll be joining a team where ¾ has stayed in the company for +3 years. They will assist you in any of the tasks and work together to deliver the work. This jobs will require you to:

  • Code in Cloudformation, bash and Terraform.
  • Be very familiar with the Node.js ecosystem in terms of profiling and debugging tools.
  • You’re very comfortable with Unix tools, net-tools, and bind-utils are part of the family when it comes to debugging.
  • Work with Docker. Understand the multi-stage capabilities, caching, cross-platform challenges and shipping pipelines.
  • Maintain and understand database workloads like:
    • MongoDB
    • RDS
    • Elasticsearch
  • Knowing about Kubernetes is a must for this position. 90% of our platform sits on top of self hosted Kubernetes clusters.
  • Fluent english level. We’re a remote team around the globe and English is our message serialization mechanism

Where and when

From wherever you want, the position is fully remote in the EU.

We’re very flexible about when you get your work done, but we do have some core hours where we like to overlap in order to promote collaboration and low-latency communication between team members (10:00 to 15:00 CET).

Our daily virtual stand-ups are important for us but other than that, you’re free to manage your own time.

What we ask for

We’re looking for someone with the following profile:

  • A team player who likes to help others and find solutions together
  • You have a real ‘Can Do’ work ethic - We are results-based, not clock-based!
  • Your sense of humor will bring a new dynamic to the team - you love to have fun while you work!
  • Unix knowledge
  • Experience in high traffic environments
  • Experience in Cloud providers (especially AWS)
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Comfortable building CI/CD pipelines in GH Actions, Gitlab or Jenkins.

We also really value experience in:

  • Prometheus, Grafana, and Observability in general
  • Kops
  • Nodejs
  • Networking

What we offer

  • Fully remote position or, if preferred, working in our awesome Barcelona office!
  • Agile environment
  • Top-notch tech stack!
  • Upskill Fridays! Developers take time on Fridays to improve their skills, learn and research new trends that will allow us to level up our stack and processes
  • Hackathons every 6 months!
  • Flexible working hours + core hours!
  • 10% on top of your salary as a learning and development budget - of your choice!
  • Latest tech equipment
  • Company Amazon book account!
  • Kodify off-sites, quarterly on-sites, events, and team activities!
  • Amazing international team!