Remote (US) Engineering Manager, EHR Team at RXNT (Annapolis, MD) (allows remote)

Remote (US) Engineering Manager, EHR Team at RXNT (Annapolis, MD) (allows remote)

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Location: Annapolis, MD
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-18 05:01:17

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At RXNT, we think of ourselves as a backbone to the US healthcare system. Every day, we provide the digital foundation on which healthcare professionals serve patients, order medications and lab tests, bill insurance companies, and interact with the wider healthcare community.

22 years of blood, sweat, and tears have taught us that this pursuit comes with great responsibility. It’s in the best interest of everyone if we hold ourselves to high standards, think rigorously, and at times, act urgently.

As a member of RXNT’s EHR team, you’ll work on the software that powers physician’s offices across the nation. Systems for scheduling of appointments, point-of-care, ordering labs and prescriptions, and more - all under the umbrella of one product. At some times, you’ll work inside of regulatory frameworks like CURES and FHIR, and at other times you’ll look outside of the box for innovative ways to improve user experience and patient outcomes.

We’re looking for self-motivated people who love to learn, are comfortable in a fast-paced and quickly-growing environment, and who seek ownership.

What you'll be doing

  • As a Software Engineering Manager, you will be responsible for both the technical direction and successful implementation of RXNT’s EHR software.
  • You will foster a collaborative, trusting team culture, and help engineers grow professionally.
  • You will collaborate with the product manager and lead engineer to influence the direction of the product, especially representing technical needs (e.g. debt, proper architecture)
  • You will regularly translate the roadmap into a practical execution plan for engineers, fostering the right balance of autonomy and accountability with engineers on your team.
  • You will handle a significant portion of the engineering hiring responsibilities on your team, including interviewing, onboarding, and retaining engineers.
  • You will communicate with customers regularly.
  • You will be involved in architectural decisions and creating & giving feedback on RFCs.
  • You will sometimes review PRs and write small amounts of code, at a high standard of quality. This responsibility is mostly handled by the lead engineer, and at times you can lessen the burden on the lead.
  • You will get hands-on in the code and systems to assist engineers, including debugging, analyzing databases, and more...
  • You will collaborate with management to identify, measure, and manage key product, service, and team metrics (e.g. SLA, latencies, RUM, Lighthouse scores, git activity, feature usage).

You might be a good fit if you

  • Have held a technical leadership role driving technical work for teams of 6+ engineers
  • Have a proven track record (5+ years of experience) of architecting and engineering world-class, large scale commercial applications and services
  • Are strong in computer science fundamentals (typically backed by a bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, or a bachelor’s degree or higher in a math or science field plus strong professional experience)
  • Are comfortable designing systems appropriately based on needs (e.g. System Design Interview … - Alex Xu). This is relevant both for architectural decision making, and for mentoring teammates.
  • Understand how modern data systems work and how to use them appropriately (e.g. Designing Data-Intesive Applications - Kleppmann, Martin)
  • Throughout your career, you’ve worked with multiple programming languages (e.g. object oriented, functional) and have exposure to a broad range of modern web paradigms (frontend frameworks, mobile, microservices, containerization)
  • Have experience with cloud platforms is recommended (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Are open-minded around learning, growing, adopting new methodologies
  • Read voraciously