Userspace Live Patching Developer at SUSE () (allows remote)

Userspace Live Patching Developer at SUSE () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-18 05:01:28

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We are seeking a new team member for ramping up our user space live patching offering, which provides means to apply patchesto running processes without restarting them.The main purpose of your role will be two-fold: first to create actuallive patches for some of our critical system components (currentlyglibc and openssl), and second to improve the tooling to help creatingsuch live patches. We envision such tooling to for instance help inpreparing sources of a live patch given the original and patchedsources and/or binaries of these system components.The work entails two aspects of our system: knowledge of how live patchingis implemented at a low level, in particular what limitations are posedby it, and knowledge in the domain of the to-be-patched components.You will tightly work together with the developer of the userspace livepatching infrastructure and with the maintainers of live patchablesystem components. Additionally you will work with the kernel livepatching maintainers to create live patches for our kernel in orderto transfer ways of working from there to user space live patching.You represent yourself actively and share your knowledge and further develop it in special interest groups, professional organizations and specialized conferences. You will be using your expertise to advise SUSE product and project managers regarding the technologies to enable and the strategic directions to take.You will also provide back-up assistence to the support departmenton escalated issues from enterprise customers that need experienced expertise to be solved. You will help to integrate solutions and fixes back into SUSE products, both for current releases (maintenance) and future ones.Key responsibilities:

  • Creating live patches for critical issues in glibc and openssl
  • Improve tooling to create live patches
  • Help creating kernel live patches
  • Technical analysis of problems and errors, providing backup for L3 support
  • Direct contact with representatives of numerous free/open-source software projects from all over the world
  • Active participation in discussions on relevant mailing lists
  • Activities connected with participation in professional organizations and specialized conferences

Knowledge required:

  • Excellent knowledge of the C programming language
  • Good knowledge of userspace toolchain (compiler, linker, libraries)
  • Good knowledge of open-source community principles
  • Good knowledge of some scripting language
  • Good knowledge of assembly language for "mainstream" architectures
  • Good knowledge of Linux debugging tools
  • Good spoken and written knowledge of English