iOS Developer at eBay Classifieds Group (Toronto, ON, Canada)

iOS Developer at eBay Classifieds Group (Toronto, ON, Canada)

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Location: Toronto, ON, Canada
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-18 05:01:40

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Kijiji is the #1 online classifieds site in Canada. As one of Canada’s top 10 most-visited digital properties, we reach more than half of Canadian internet users monthly. We’re a leader in helping Canadians find and trade goods and services in their local communities, including Autos, Real Estate and Jobs. We’re proud of our engaged, ambitious and collaborative culture, and we were recently named one of the top Toronto Tech Employer Brands.2 Our stylish office is located in the historic King and Spadina neighbourhood in Toronto’s hub of innovation.


  • Write clean, well-tested and efficient code.
  • Engage with the engineering team for technical decisions around designs, languages, and frameworks
  • Participate in UX, product design, design reviews, and code reviews.
  • Assist in keeping the technology stack running and maintainable through monitoring and documentation.
  • Mentor and support junior developers.
  • Be a participant in Agile ceremonies.

Job Requirements

  • You have 5+ years of native iOS software development, Android development experience would be a bonus!
  • You are experienced working within Agile teams.
  • You will need to provide feedback for the customer facing product experience.
  • You are familiar with REST APIs and interacting with server endpoints.
  • You have a commanding grasp of Swift and Objective-C.
  • You are aware of cross-browser compatibility issues and client-side performance considerations.
  • You can demonstrate your design and UX sensibilities.
  • You are flexible, adaptable, and able to autonomously handle various tasks in a dynamic, fast-paced, iterative development environment with short turn-around times.
  • You are passionate about learning new technologies and willing to dig into problems.
  • You can work both independently and in a team.
  • You hold a degree in Computer Science or Engineering, or have equivalent knowledge and experience.
  • You are an excellent guide in peer review process.

Here are the tools and technologies you'll be using:

  • XCode, Jenkins, Git, GitHub
  • Swift, Objective-C

You’ll need to:

  • Be ambitious
  • Be product and value focussed
  • Collaborate & Iterate
  • Support and guide the platform
  • Learn from everyone
  • Be generous with what you know


Benefits are an essential part of your total compensation for the work you do every day. Whether you’re single, in a growing family, or nearing retirement, eBay offers a variety of comprehensive and competitive benefit programs to meet your needs.

We love building opportunities for others by connecting people from widely diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and geographies. So, being diverse and inclusive isn’t just something we strive for, it is who we are, and part of what we do each and every single day. We want to ensure that as an employee, you feel Kijiji is a place where, no matter who you are, you feel safe, included, and that you have the opportunity to bring your unique self to work. To learn about our Diversity & Inclusion click here:


People are the heart of the eBay Classifieds business, and their health and well-being are our first priority.

We continue to monitor local government guidance and partner closely with medical advisors to determine the safest and best next steps for everyone. As a result, most teams are working remotely, with a few teams able to collaborate in person with enhanced safety procedures. We will discuss the particular case for your region during the interview process. As a general rule, interviews will be completed remotely over video calls.