Sr. Software Engineer at Virtasant Inc () (allows remote)

Sr. Software Engineer at Virtasant Inc () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-19 05:00:08

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  • Everything is run on AWS - nothing self-hosted

  • Restful API

  • Moving from Postgres to DynamoDB for some of their financial operations (but not everything)

    • Ideally, he wants the architecture to be created as serverless and using DynamoDB as opposed to SQL

    • Aurera has scalability issues. Aurera today is about 75% of their AWS costs. It’s become a bottleneck so they are looking to segregate various pieces of the data model together with microservices that can be done siding DynamoDB because of its impressive performance

  • Application is written PHP, hosted on EC2

  • Microservices - 100% serverless, Lambda, SQS

  • Programming: Node.js with Typescript

  • Deploys using Cloudformation, not using Terraform