Product Manager - API at Hazelcast () (allows remote)

Product Manager - API at Hazelcast () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-19 05:00:46

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Reporting to the VP Product Management, this role will drive the product roadmap & developer experience for a subset of our supported client languages. Python, Node.js, Go & C++. We are calling these our “Growth Languages”. Therefore, this role would best suit a polyglot senior developer who wishes to move into a hybrid product management & community engagement role.

Hazelcast has made a strong name for itself by dominating the high end of the niche market for in-memory data grids through sheer product superiority. While not yet publicly launched, we have extended that technology foundation to address a much larger and rapidly-growing mainstream market that analysts see as a modern evolution within the $36B database market.

This new dynamic is heavily driven by digitization, and both Forrester and Gartner are tracking it now. The main agent of change is the customers’ desire to use events and data streams in integrated conjunction with their transactional and analytical databases in order to create applications that provide insights and take actions in real-time.

Forrester refers to this new space as a “translytical data platform,” while Gartner’s term is HTAP (Hybrid Transactional Analytical Platform). Forrester estimates 10% of the workloads in today’s database market are attempts at this kind of integrated approach; that constitutes over $3.5B in market size. Further, Forrester’s estimate is this workload segment will double in 2-3 years. They base this on the constant inquiries (multiples per day) from Fortune 1,000 clients looking for guidance on systems that can provide real-time insights in an integrated fashion with analytics and transactions.

With the exception of SAP Hana, no database vendors have a natively-architected ability to process both stored and streaming data. The segment also assumes intensive use of in-memory technologies, which is Hazelcast’s powerful foundation. While Hazelcast’s mark on the industry has been as the low-latency leader in applications that use stored data, our latest public benchmark showing one billion queries per second on streaming data has stunned the industry. This is achieved through a single, proven distributed system architecture.

This role will focus on one key criteria, increasing the adoption of Hazelcast across a wider range of developer communities. As such, the individual will craft a technical roadmap and community engagement plan that is sympathetic to the development experiences and needs of these developers. You will work closely with your compatriots in the Product Management team and especially your peer on the API PM team who has a focus on Java & .NET.

Hazelcast is focused on developers who create data-intensive applications. The successful candidate will retain a strong technical focus whilst at the same time directing API products and building a wider community.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we are a highly distributed company selling across the US, Europe and APAC. All engineering is in Eastern Europe, to enable time zone proximity this role is located in either Turkey & Ukraine.


  • Align & Prioritise Growth Language API roadmap with wider Hazelcast vision and strategy as defined by CPO & VP of Product.
  • Identify areas to improve the API and direct ecosystem investments that would drive adoption of our Growth Languages.
  • Define Growth Languages backlog & priorities for API engineering team.
  • Attend daily stand-ups with the API engineering team.
  • Participate in customer-facing meetings to support Sales and continuously gather market feedback
  • Support the developer relations function promoting Hazelcast to Python, Node.js, Go & C++ communities.

Essential Skills & Characteristics

  • At least 5 years experience as a senior polyglot developer, in order of preference (Python, Go, Node.js, C++).
  • Passionate about developer experience.
  • A clear and comfortable communicator who can impart their direction for the offering to different levels, from engineers to the CEO.
  • An analytical approach to product investment decisions.
  • Experience working daily with a development team.
  • Experience of working directly with technical customers such as engineers and DevOps teams.
  • Excellent written and spoken English.
  • A strong sense of ownership and desire to see their product become a key driver of company success.

Desirable Skills

  • Experience of working with distributed teams.
  • Prior experience of working in the NoSQL/Tech space.
  • An understanding of agile principles (i.e. Scrum and Kanban).
  • Distributed Systems knowledge.