Systems/Software Engineer at Eridan (Mountain View, CA)

Systems/Software Engineer at Eridan (Mountain View, CA)

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Location: Mountain View, CA
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-19 05:00:51

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About Eridan

Eridan is a rapidly-growing startup building 5G radios to enable abundant wireless connectivity everywhere in the world. Our MIRACLE transceiver is based on a patent-protected switching architecture that decreases the amount of power required to transmit a gigabit of data by 5-10x.

We’re a small team with big aspirations to put an Eridan transceiver in every wireless device in the world, and we believe in the power of teamwork and focus to enable outsized results. Our Mountain View office is a 10-minute walk from the Caltrain, and we provide a casual work environment, and lots of room for growth.

The Job

Eridan is currently building out our software team. As a Systems/Software Engineer, you will develop software that runs on servers as well as in and around the kernel on an embedded target. You will design and implement reliable software that empowers low-cost communications.

A successful Systems/Software Engineer at Eridan will have strong technical and analytical skills and be comfortable working and solving problems independently. We look for engineers with persistence, curiosity, and good communication skills.

Main Responsibilities

· Produce high quality, tested code for an embedded system

· Work with hardware team to verify correctness and performance

· Estimate time requirements for tasks

· Support system integration

· Determine clever software work-arounds for hardware limitations


· BS in Computer Science or four years of experience in relevant experience

· Strong knowledge of linux

· Strong knowledge and practical experience using C and C++

Required Experience:

· Software (bare-metal, Linux, BSP,...) for FPGA embedded CPUs and SOCs

· Connectivity protocols Ethernet, TCP/IP, I2C, SPI, PCIe, UART

· Threading and locking concepts

· Bit manipulation and memory mapped hardware

· Compiler flags for GCC or Clang

· GNU Makefile

· System administration

Desirable Skills:

· Wireless stack/modem experience

· Kernel module development


· High performance techniques between userspace/kernel

· Experience with RISCV or ARM

· C++11 or higher

· Scripting, orchestration, Docker

· Chef/Ansible/Puppet

· Reproducible builds

· Side projects in opensource

· Understanding of floating point and limitations in the kernel

· Operating popular databases and other projects on Linux

· Knowledge of digital logic design principles and FPGA architectures