Manager Software Engineer at Choco (Berlin, Germany)

Manager Software Engineer at Choco (Berlin, Germany)

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Location: Berlin, Germany
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-06-25 05:01:16

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What you will doHere at Choco, we like to use the space shuttle as a metaphor for our engineering work. Now, you will join and help us bring the shuttle to the moon. We are launching new cross-functional teams during 2021 focusing on implementing business-critical, user-facing product features across our mobile and web platforms. Your main mission will be to support and guide your team in order to build and deliver a range of product features. As an early joiner of this team, you will focus on building the rest of the engineering team together with the PM, incept and design the system and start the implementation. In the early stages of work, this role will be mostly about hands-on engineering and hiring which will gradually transition towards people management and technical leadership. You will build a connected team and once it is complete, you will work directly with 10-12 people from a range of backgrounds: product management, product design, backend engineering, web development, Android engineering, iOS engineering and QA automation.You will:

  • Support your team and ensure they are aligned, performant, fulfilled and continuously develop both technically and personally via One on Ones.

  • Nurture a healthy team culture and make sure different functions collaborate well.

  • Actively take part in interviewing and hiring engineers from diverse backgrounds for your own and other teams

  • Take complete and end to end technical ownership of a new product.

  • Share your knowledge, develop expertise in our product and grow with your team to become an even greater engineering manager.

What you will need to have an impact with us

  • 2+ years of experience in managing an engineering team of 6+ people. Good people management, ability to build trust, interviewing skills and ability to build a healthy engineering culture. Your overall experience in delivering software solutions and products should be more than 8+ years ideally.

  • Experience in designing and building complex products (in any areas from the following: mobile, microservices, event-driven architecture, integrations and APIs)

  • Good knowledge in system design, software architecture and scaling applications

  • Ability to drive and deliver large features and projects spanning across multiple sprints with significant business impact

  • Strong communication skills combined with influence and eagerness to share and develop others

  • The drive to use your skills where it makes a positive impact.

You will impress us even more if you have

  • Expertise in more fields within Backend / Frontend / Android / iOS engineering

  • Experience with GraphQL or AppSync

  • Experience working with Lambda functions and serverless architecture

  • Experience with DynamoDB

  • Experience with CloudFormation

  • Experience building real-time communication services

Our tech stackWe have a cutting-edge environment and use NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, AWS DynamoDB and our infrastructure is powered by AWS SNS, AWS SQS, AWS Lambda, AWS AppSync, AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodePipeline and AWS S3. We use React, TypeScript, micro frontends architecture, Jest, Styled Components for our web frontend. Our mobile apps are written in Kotlin and Swift and we utilize AppSync with GraphQL.We also utilize Data Engineering and Data Science to implement analytics and smart features for our product and operations.What it’s like to be a ChocorianYou will join a company filled with smart, humble and hard-working people. We are a start-up where people put the team first, deeply trust each other, take ownership and truly understand what they are working for day by day. You will join a group of people from all around the world who share their experiences and contribute in their areas of expertise and learn from each other. You will join a passionate team that shares the same values and vision, a circle of friends that not only works hard but also laughs with- and cheers for each other.With that said, it is absolutely crucial to find people who share this with us and who deeply identify themselves with the values of a Chocorian.