Senior or Lead Full Stack Engineer - Ought - San Francisco or Fully Remote at Ought () (allows remote)

Senior or Lead Full Stack Engineer - Ought - San Francisco or Fully Remote at Ought () (allows remote)

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Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-07-03 05:00:38

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Position: Senior or Lead Full Stack Engineer

Salary: $150K-$200K (dependent on work location & level of experience)

Location: San Francisco, CA or Fully Remote anywhere in the US

Ought is an applied research lab building Elicit, a GPT-3-based research assistant for questions about the future.

Today, researchers and policy analysts use Elicit to find relevant publications for a literature review, find datasets, or brainstorm research questions that are interesting to their audience. Researchers can define new tasks by showing Elicit just a few examples of the task being done. Elicit then scales those tasks to thousands of publications and datasets.

The Role and Your Impact:

  • Build intuitive interfaces that let research analysts use language models as tools for thought
  • Add ways for users to quickly provide feedback to the tool to create an interactive training loop
  • Build support for teams and collaboration
  • Connect Elicit with external data sources such as spreadsheets, site searches

What You May Bring:

  • Strong CS fundamentals and software engineering background
  • Experience building complex web apps from scratch in Javascript (React, Node, Typescript), HTML, and CSS
  • Ability to quickly convert ideas into tests and prototypes
  • Clear communication about engineering topics to a diverse audience

Bonus If You Have:

  • Interest in language models (training, finetuning, evaluation) and natural language processing more generally
  • A startup mindset. We expect to measure our impact in part by the people whose lives we improve through better reasoning and models of the future
  • Experience with functional programming (e.g. SICP), programmable software (e.g., Emacs, Vim), or symbolic AI (e.g. PAIP)