Backend Engineer (Ruby, Golang, PHP) at Skillhouse Staffing Solutions (Tokyo, Japan)

Backend Engineer (Ruby, Golang, PHP) at Skillhouse Staffing Solutions (Tokyo, Japan)

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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Type: Full Time
Created: 2021-07-06 05:00:04

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A digital infrastructure startup company is looking for a backend engineer who can accelerate architecture replacement with high ownership.

They are providing SaaS business for over 3 years and have some core legacy products and are planning architecture replacement from a monolith to a microservice basis.

This position will be responsible for below two major expectations.

1. Capability to tackle our legacy products(PHP/Ruby). To maintain or replace our legacy products require persevering efforts. In some cases, our documentation is not perfect, or to resolve issues, engineers need to dig into code deeply. We are looking for a person who is willing to make an effort. They don’t underrate this kind of effort. Some legacy products are our business core. With those products, our business is running properly.

2. Continuously learn new technologies and find ways to solve issues and requirements(Go). On the other hand, they would like to recreate architecture from legacy into modern for expanding our business and realize our mission. For contributing to the new architecture, they are also expecting a person who continuously learns new technologies and finds ways to solve issues and requirements. From a programming language perspective, we are planning to use Golang mainly. But They are very flat organization and team. So you can also suggest architecture and tech stacks as you want. We think a person who can realize the above 2 expectations can accelerate replacing architecture from a monolith into a microservice basis.


- Defining, evolving, and communicating the team’s vision, mission, and strategy

- Brainstorm and do design sprint with Product Managers, Designers, Backend, and Frontend Engineers to build new features, architectures

- Maintain and improve existing products(mainly PHP(Monolith) or Ruby(API))

- Develop a new API with modern technology such as Go or node.js for architecture replacement


- Software development experience.

- Experiences of development by PHP or Ruby and frameworks such as Symphony(PHP) or Sinatra(Ruby).

- Experiences in web API development and interface design of web API.

- Experiences in designing tables and queries of RDBMS.

- Experience with CI/CD tooling such as Jenkins.

- Motivation to learn new techniques such as Golang.